Configuración de datos del teléfono móvil para nuestro Telekom / Breeze Mobile en las Islas Salomón

In most of the countries I have been to, my iPhone has automatically detected the carrier settings and configured itself for me. The Solomon Islands is to date the one exception. It worked fine for voice calls and text messages, but when it came to data usage, no go.

After a little bit of hunting around online, I found this site which told me what the Data APN should be.

Procedente de Australia, my Data APN would normally have been yesinternet as I am on the Optus network, however it was blank. I assume this is because my phone determined they were not the correct settings for the Solomon Islands and removed them. In the Solomon Islands though on the Our Telekom / Breeze network, it must be set to internet.

My phone did not receive these settings automatically unfortunately, but after that was entered data worked like a breeze. Pardon the pun.

On an iPhone you can find your mobile data settings by navigating to:

Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Network

You can then set your data and personal hotspot APN’s which will normally be the same.

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