V Berry Energy Drink

V Berry Energy DrinkV Berry is in my opinion the nicest variation of the V energy drinks. It does however come at a cost, it has a lower caffeine quantity. It is probably also the healthiest of the V range as it actually has some fruit juice in it (thus the reduced caffeine quantities in order to fit the juice).

Taste wise, it does still have the regular V flavour, it is quite prominent, but the added berry flavouring makes it much nicer in my opinion.

Whether this is true or not, I’m not sure, but I have heard that V Berry was intended to provide a V variation that was closer to the Red Bull flavour, and thus creating some more competition with Red Bull.

Like I said, I don’t know if that’s true, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

V Berry are currently $2.20 a can at Coles and are available individually, in 4 packs, and occasionally you find them in an 8 pack (6x V and 2x V Berry). V Berry is also available in a 35oml bottle. You can also get it at Woolworths, Aldi, Kmart, Big W, Spar, 7-11, most service stations, most other smaller food stores and many vending machines, and no doubt many more places as well.

V Berry Nutritional Information

The label indicates the following per 100ml:

Vitamin B6:0.46mg
Vitamin B12:0.57µg
Pantothenic Acid:0.7mg

V Berry has the standard warning not to drink more than 2 cans per day.

V Berry Ingredients

The ingredients according to the can are as follows:

Carbonated water, sugar, reconstituted fruit juice (apple (2.9%), blackcurrent (2.6%), raspberry (2.5%), lemon (0.3%)), acidity regulators (citric acid, sodium citrate), taurine, guarana extract (0.12%), flavours, glucuronolactone, caffeine, vitamins (niacin (B3), pantothenic acid, B6, B2, B12), ginkgo biloba extract (0.004%).

V Berry is different to the other V energy drinks in that it has fruit juices, but also with the inclusion of the ginkgo biloba extract. Ginkgo biloba can have any of 3 effects on humans, it can improve blood flow; it can protect against oxidative cell damage from free radicals; and it blocks many of the effects of platelet-activating factor (platelet aggregation, blood clotting) (Wikipedia). As Ginkgo supplements are generally taken in between 40mg and 200mg doses a day, I don’t see that the tiny amount in V Berry or any other energy drink is enough to really have any effect at all, except to say that it is there.

Drugs.com lists a multitude of adverse side effects that ginkgo biloba extract can have, including:

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • heart palpitations
  • GI and dermatologic reactions
  • Ginkgo pollen can be strongly allergenic
  • The fleshy fruit pulp may cause allergic dermatitis similar to poison ivy.

Again, I don’t think that the quantities in an energy drink would be enough to cause these side effects, but it doesn’t hurt to be aware of them

V Berry Ratings

Quantity – 250ml

Price – $2.20



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  1. Berry flavored is now difficult to get in my area. Are they phasing out berry flavor.? It is no longer available in my Coles, safe way or Aldi store in the Northcote area.

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