Yummy Thai Morisset – Pad Se Ew and Peanut Sauce

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It’s been a while now since we moved to the Morisset area, and everyone has been telling us how good Yummy Thai is. We were feeling like some good Thai food, so we decided it must be about time we give them a try.

The menu is a little bit of a challenge to find online, so here is their takeaway menu:

Yummy Thai Menu Side 1
Yummy Thai Menu Side 1


Yummy Thai Menu Side 2
Yummy Thai Menu Side 2

We don’t eat a lot, and we already had some leftover rice in the fridge, so we just ordered two dishes, a Pad Se Ew noodles and stir fried “Peanut Sauce” aka Pra Ram Rong Song to have with our leftover rice. I’ve never heard it with that name. Usually, they just call it satay or peanut satay.


Yummy Thai Pad Se Ew and Peanut Sauce
Yummy Thai Pad Se Ew and Peanut Sauce

I’m pleased to say, we were really impressed. We used to have a lot of Thai in Sydney and on the Gold Coast, one of our favourite “faster” food places on both the Gold Coast and in Sydney was a Thai noodle shop and a Thai restaurant, so we’ve had a fair bit over the years. Yummy Thai did a fantastic job. Wifey wasn’t over the moon with the noodles, mainly because she likes thinner noodles and these ones were thick flat noodles. We both agreed though that the dish tasted great.


Yummy Thai Pad Se Ew Noodles
Yummy Thai Pad Se Ew Noodles


What really shone though was the Pra Ram Rong Song. It didn’t have noodles in it, it was a stir fry with satay sauce, but it far outshone the satay/peanut Thai dishes we have had before in my opinion. Ironically what I loved the most about it was also the one complaint Wifey had about it. The peanut sauce is so peanutty. It is thick, and the peanuts are coarsest blended, so there are little chunks of peanut all through the dish. I thought it was great, but Wifey didn’t particularly like it as she thought it made it feel too grainy for her liking.

Yummy Thai Peanut Sauce
Yummy Thai Peanut Sauce

So after trying two dishes, would we go back to Yummy Thai? Definitely. Even though there were a couple of little things that Wifey didn’t like about the dishes we got, overall they were both fantastic at a reasonable price, so we certainly would order again and try some more of their dishes the next time we are wanting Thai.

Yummy Thai in Morisset get’s both thumbs up from me!

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