Skyline Drive-In Blacktown & Eagle Boys Pizza Pies

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Skyline Drive-In Blacktown
Skyline Drive-In Blacktown

On Sunday night we finally went down to Blacktown to go to the Skyline Drive-In Cinema. As regulars at the Yatala Drive-In when we lived on the Gold Coast, we quite missed it, so it was great to go! It looks like the screens and cafe have been recently redone and look great!

Price wise it is currently $10 per person per movie which makes it a bit cheaper than Yatala for one movie, or more expensive for two.

It was a lot quicker and easier to get in because the queue isn’t across a main road, the entrance is at the end of a road and it loops back on itself, so you aren’t fighting with two directions of traffic. The fact that you can book your tickets online probably also helps with moving cars through a bit quicker as well.

The speakers are not movable, so you can’t stick them in your car, if it’s cold like it was this weekend, you have to either rug up or use the car radio (or a battery radio) to hear anything. Nothing wrong with that mind you, but it is nice to not have to worry about flattening the car battery! That said though, the screens seem much better set out, we were parked off to one side but could still see the screen clearly without any loss of image clarity as sometimes seems to happen at Yatala.

It is run by Event Cinema’s and it looks like they’ve put a bit into it which is great when they refurbished it last year, it was well worth the drive down to Blacktown for it!

We saw Lucy which was pretty good. The ending could have been a bit cooler (I personally don’t see how she could fit all that data on a USB stick but anyway), nevertheless though it was a decent movie. Very heavy on the evolution though.

Of course, one can’t go to the drive-in without some form of food, we got Eagle Boys and decided to try their new Pizza Pie!

Eagle Boys Beef Pizza Pie
Eagle Boys Beef Pizza Pie

It’s an interesting concept and it was pretty good. We got the beef Pizza Pie to try and it had decent shredded beef, not the ground stuff that they normally put on the pizza. The only problem was it was a bit dry. It really could have used some more gravy, but I guess that would create the problem of the base going soggy. I wouldn’t mind trying the spinach and ricotta one, but I’d probably stick to normal pizza in the future over these.



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