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O'Brien Glass LogoI got a chip in my windscreen driving down to Lismore on Friday, and unfortunately, it started to crack so I needed to get it fixed before it got too bad and the whole windscreen needed replacing.

So Monday, I gave Windscreen’s O’Brien (O’Brien Glass) a call before I headed back up to Brisbane.

I called the number listed on their website for the Underwood premises, since that is the closest to me but it went to a call centre. The guy that I spoke to was very helpful and even called me back so that I wouldn’t have to pay the call charges. He determined over the phone that it could indeed be fixed without needing to replace the whole windscreen.

He went on to give me the prices, $129 for them to send a van out and do it wherever suited me best, or $109 for me to go in and get it done there. He told me it would take approximatly half an hour to fix.

I decided I would go in to get it done, afterall, $20 is $20 and the Underwood store is only a 10 minute drive from my place if the traffic is good.

So he setup a three-way call with the Underwood store and we organised an appointment for 1:30pm. And that was that, all in the space of about 15 minutes.

I got there at 1:33pm and I was served immediately. They checked that the crack was repairable, warned me that the repair process could make it appear to have cracked more, but that it will be safe and pass registration. My car was then taken straight in to have work begun on it. I was told that it would be half an hour to 40 minutes and that there is a customer waiting room if I wanted to wait there.

I decided I would go for a walk and get some lunch. That only took me 20 minutes though and they were still working when I got back, so I went and had a look at the waiting room.

It was setup quite nice, you could see the bays where they were working on cars so you could watch them work on your car. There were all the usual magazines, drink machine and big screen TV, but what surprised me was the free internet for customers!

There were two computers setup in the waiting room with signs above them reading “Free internet for O’Brien’s customers. Please, help yourself”.

The computers were setup minimally, all the user could access was Internet Explorer, but still, it’s a pretty good idea.

So I spent 10 minute’s or so on the net in the waiting room. Lot’s of things were blocked, such as Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and my uni email, however, there were lot’s of things that weren’t. My own email server’s were all accessible, I could make notes on my blog and log in to Google Analytics, so overall, functionality wasn’t severely limited, just enough to be a little bit annoying.

Pretty much right on 2:00, I noticed that my car was being taken back outside so I went to the front counter, and they were just entering it into the system. They didn’t need my phone number, name or address because this had been organised on the phone earlier. I just had to pay, it was $109 as I had been quoted on the phone.

The receipt came in it’s own little book style thing to help look after it since it comes with a warranty on the repair that lasts for the life of the windscreen. In other words, if the crack re-appears, then they will deduct the cost of the repair from the cost to replace the windscreen.

So, it was finished in pretty much right on half an hour and I am very impressed with the level of customer service that I received, and the crack in my windscreen is now barely visible! So much so that my camera can’t even focus on it properly.

I highly recommend them, they may seem a bit expensive, but their service is excellent!

Just my luck, I managed to get a stone fly up and hit the other side yesterday, but it hasn’t cracked thank goodness.

7 thoughts on “Getting My Windscreen Fixed – O’Brien Glass”

  1. Hi, I see you were in Lismore and had windscreen trouble?

    Happy to hear that you were looked after properly.

    If you have trouble in future, give the little guy a go – it would have cost you only $55, I’d have come to you and it would have been done in 25 mins with a warranty too 😉

    I’d like to say the customer service would have been equal – but I don’t have the internet in my vehicle 🙁

    I would give you a go of my iPhone though!


    Steve @ WiseCracks

  2. Hey Steve, always happy to give the little guy a go, especially at $55. I’ve never heard of you, and just figured I’d get it done back in Brisbane. I’ll keep you in mind though if I’m down that way again and happen to have a crack in my windscreen.

    It would be great if you came up in search results on the first page for “windscreen repairs lismore” or something like that as that’s what I would search for. Looks like you are on the second page at the moment, almost there which is great!

    Love the “WiseCracks” name by the way!

    At I do have a relatively cheap SEO service available if you are interested.

  3. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the kind words 😉

    I only set the business up in the last last week or so, that’s why there’s not many hits for me.

    2nd page is pretty good in that time – but watch this space…

    If you search in a week or two, I think I’ll be page one for sure!

    I had a nosey at your link – nice site, and very informative too.

    My site was a first attempt I made myself. I’m always improving it as I learn about how ranking works 😉

    Have a great day!

    • Hey Steve,

      No worries at all! You are right, that’s not bad at all for such a short time period, good work. If there’s anything I can help with, just let me know.

  4. I just got off the phone to O’Briens after reading this and all I can say is U got seriously lucky with the customer service!
    They want me to drive to a place to have it looked at otherwise they’ll only come out to replace my windscreen. I think it can be fixed but they won’t even look at it! The lady was really rude on the phone when she asked me how I was going to pay. All I had asked for was an appointment for someone to have a look. And the place I’d have to drive to is about an hour away. Needless to say I’ve made an appointment with one of the little guys!

  5. Hey Ange,

    This post is 4 years old, it sounds like a lot has changed since then though which is a pity!

    It’s good to hear your experiences, I hope the little guy has treated you well! I’m sure they’d appreciate a review on their service and a link to their website if they have one 🙂

  6. I cant believe the mark-up windscreens Obrien have, I payed $140 for a screen (2 weeks wait) for my lada to fit myself, the screen cracked so I thought ill just get the pro’s top do the next 1, so called Windscreens Obrien call centre, now take note: I told them the window is out & all they have to do is fit the rubber, squirt it with goo & rope it in,
    Quote to supply & fit it in $458, yes I yelled no way am I paying you $318 for an hours work, so they gave me 15% discount that took it to $389, called Cracka Windscreens in Port Macquarie $210 supplied & fitted screen arrives overnight,
    Next morning old m8 calls from Obrien’s saying he can do it for $250 after hearing I was getting if for $210 the “BUT if you want to wait 2 weeks we can get the window up with no freight cost & it will only cost $190 fitted, after getting a quote with an charge of $249 to $318 an hour just to do 30 mins work when your in the actual area then trying to beat the local buy $20 if I waited 2 weeks ?? Do your self a favour & call the smaller local repairers 1st, there local & the customer service & prices are worth it all

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