Something Fishy Happened At My Last Car Service

In August last year when my car’s rego check was due, I also had to get all 4 tyres changed, so they were all brand new in August. This was done in NSW.

In October, while I was in QLD I took it in to Keema at Mt Gravatt for the 90,000km service. I’ve had previous services done here and even though it was a bit more expensive than other places I was happy with their customer service as they generally went out of their way to help me and ensure I was happy with everything.

When I picked up the car after this service, which I might add was a $962 service, I discovered that the passenger sun visor clip was broken. I called them up about it and they were a bit difficult about it and didn’t want to know about it, but eventually they did agree to replace it for me free of charge.

I noticed about a month later that one of my back tyres was more worn than the other 3. At the time besides thinking it was a bit odd, I didn’t think that much of it. They were supposed to do a tyre rotation as part of the service so I thought it could have been on the front, and given that my car is front wheel drive, the front does tend to wear down more than rear wheel drive cars. So perhaps they had rotated it to the back and I didn’t look too closely at it.

When I got back from my holiday in February this year, I had a closer look at all the tyres, and that’s when I realised that it was the only one that was worn down, and not only was it more worn than the others, it was significantly more worn. If it was just because of the front wheel drive, there should have been a second tyre equally as worn, and even so, it shouldn’t have been worn that much in such a short space of time.

I checked all the markings and everything on the tyre to make sure it matched all the others, and it did, which left me a bit uncertain as to why it was so much more worn than the rest.

At the time I didn’t think there was any point going back to them about it, after all, it had been 4 months since the time of the service, they could easily argue that I had done something in that time or whatever and refuse to do anything about it.

I’ve put air in my tyres a number of times since but yesterday when I was doing it I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before, the worn down tyre has a silver valve. The other three have gold valves. The worn down tyre IS NOT my tyre. Which leads me to believe that something happened at the service and one of my tyres was swapped for an old one for who knows what reason. I also checked the wheels and it is definitely my wheel, all four of the mags on my car have distinctive scratches, and it has those scratches. So the tyre had to be changed while it was in for service, it can’t have been somehow one of my wheels mistaken for the wheel of another car that was in for a service or something like that.  Which means whoever did it had to be well aware that they were replacing one of my tyres with a tyre that had probably done closer to 25,000km’s, than the ones that were on my car that had only done about 800-1000km’s at the time.

As a result, I realised while checking the air yesterday, this tyre will not pass rego this year and I will need to get a new one.

There is no way that I could have worn one tyre on my car to unroadworthiness in one year, approximately 7,000km’s. Especially not without wearing the others. The ones that have been on the front since the service still look virtually new, as does the other back tyre.

Admittedly the tyres on my car are relatively cheap compared to some – $95 each when I got them last year I think it was, but they should last much longer than this.

I can tell you where I will not be getting another service done – Keema.

I’ve thought about approaching them about it, but it was almost a year ago now and I can’t see them being willing to do anything about it or admitting any wrongdoing. What do you think? I was actually pretty unimpressed with their service at the time to, they are usually quite friendly but I recall that they weren’t that time.

Either way, they won’t be working on my car anymore, there are plenty of other places that are more than happy to do my car service.

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