Sean Williams’ “The Crooked Letter”

The Crooked Letter By Sean WilliamsOn Friday I finally finished off the first book in Seans Williams Books of the Cataclysm, “The Crooked Letter”. Now, I didn’t take a long time to read it because it wasn’t interesting, it’s just been over a period where I had trouble fitting in extra reading. I actually read the last half of it over the past week.

It was quite an interesting take on an apocalypse type scenario that integrated an end of the world story with fantasy style worlds and monsters.

With numerous gods fighting for dominance in parallel worlds that are the same world in different levels of existence, from the first world, to the second, to the third, there is something unusual about each. Some beings can exist only in one world, some pass one way through the three worlds, others pass the opposite way, existing in the future of humans, where humans are in their past. Some beings aiming to combine the worlds, others to keep them apart, resulting in the partial combination of the first and second world, allowing magic to seep from the second world where will reigns back into the first world (our world) where until now, physical state reigned.

Confused? All that and more in 602 pages, I was a bit unsure what to think for a while! There is just so much in this book, it takes a bit to actually follow everything as you are assaulted by so much information in such a short amount of time. However, the main characters are suffering the same thing, so if you take it like they do and can stick with it for long enough, it really becomes quite a deep and interesting fantasy novel.

I’m reluctant to compare it directly to any other novel as there isn’t one that I’ve read that I can think of that is much like it at all! If you are into fantasy, I highly recommend it!

I’ve ordered the sequel, “The Blood Debt“, unfortunately not early enough though, I probably won’t have it until the end of next week which is disappointing, but my own fault. I’m very much looking forward to it! In the meantime though, I’m reading Anthony Eaton’s “NightPeople“, the first book in the Darklands Trilogy. So look forward to hearing about that one next!

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