God Likes A Good Story

Just an interesting tidbit from Tony Knight’s sermon the other night in the youth program at the South NSW Seventh Day Adventist Big Camp at the Jindabyne Adventist Alpine Village.

God is hugely creative and likes a good story. So when you are following the path through the doors that God opens for you in your walk with Him, He might shut a door behind you before opening another in front of you which will result in a unique life experience, a part of your story. So you need to be prepared to trust that when you follow what God wants for you in your life, that even though the door might be closed, when you get to it, God will ensure that it is open for you.

God has been doing it all through history, just look at the Bible, many of the recounts of people’s walks with God that are recorded show doors that are closed and opened, despite the scenario.

When the Israelites made their way out of Egypt with Moses, God opened the door for them to leave and they were going great as they followed where He led them! Then they hit the Dead Sea and God closes the door behind them, mountains on either side and the Egyptian armies hot on their heels. So there is nowhere for them to go, no door in front of them to duck through. At the last minute though, God parts the sea through Moses and the Israelites got through, all of them, before the sea fell back into place. So the Israelites are saved, and another door is closed behind them.

God could have led them somewhere else where they would not have had such a close shave, but where’s the creativity in that? Sure there is a story, but going straight through the sea is both unexpected, memorable and shows God’s power at a much greater level!

Not all closed doors are opened that dramatically, and you won’t always be stuck between two closed doors, but you can expect that when you let God lead, your path through life will be very exciting and go places you never anticipated!

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