One Of Those Times

It’s a funny thing hearing yourself quote a scripture reference you didn’t know you knew. It almost gives you goosebumps when a friend comes to you to talk to about a difficult situation they are in, and you just feel compelled to give them this reference you didn’t know you knew, and later realise it was something you had read in your study that morning but that hadn’t had immediate relevance to you so was not something you had thought about.

That’s exactly what happened last night though.

Here I am, about to go to bed for an early night when a good friend of mine comes online. She didn’t seem too happy so I decided to stay up and have a chat with her about what was happening with her.

I could have ignored the prompting and said whatever I might have normally said, but nothing I could think of was as relevant or appropriate as the Bible references that kept coming to mind. She told me later, that it was exactly what she needed as well.

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