The Domino Effect – Personal or Impersonal?

At the 2009 South NSW Big Camp in Jindabyne last week, Grenville Kent had an interesting story that he shared with the Youth in one of the morning meetings about a discussion that he had with an engineer he was sitting next to on a plane.

I’d like to share it back the way I understood it as it really is an interesting way to consider the creation of the universe.

They had a bit of a chat and the fact that Grenville is a pastor came up. The engineer questioned him about how God and creation could be real when science says so many things, some of which disagree with the Bible.

So Grenville answered him with a series of questions which I thought were really interesting.

The first question was a pretty simple one, can he (the engineer) determine the difference between what is real and what isn’t?

The engineer responded with a very definite yes.

So the next question was, is the universe real?

Again, the engineer responded that it is.

Grenville asked, since it exists, did it have a beginning?

The engineer responded that it had to have a beginning.

Now this is the part that I really found interesting. Since the universe had a beginning, was it a personal or impersonal beginning? Was it caused by something, or did it just happen?

For example, it could be compared to the domino effect. As each domino falls, it causes the next one to fall. So, how did the first one fall? What made it do so? If the first domino just decided to fall on it’s own, then it had to have a will, it had to think about it and choose for itself to fall, making it a personal beginning. If it didn’t choose to make itself fall, then it is an impersonal object and had to be pushed over by something else. If there was nothing else, then it had to be pushed over, it had to be caused to fall. If nothing existed prior to the universe, then it had to be a personal beginning and the domino had to be pushed by God as He created it all.

Interesting way to look at it isn’t it? Whether you believe in intelligent design, evolution or anything else, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments below.

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