Australia (2008) – Movie Review

Australia, probably the biggest Aussie film produced to date, advertised as an epic, reviewed as a bomb.

I wasn’t sure what to expect before I saw it, the trailers looked great, the marketing was great, but almost all the reviews I saw indicated that it was a bit of a flop. On IMDB, at the time of writing this, the average user rating gave it a 7.6/10, so opinions really have been all over the place.

I decided to go see it on Tuesday with @lexiphanic and @KateEdwards at the Southbank 5 Cinemas. I have to say, I was pleasently surprised. “Australia” is an amazing movie. The actors are superb, the story line is well put together, and the cinematography is stunning.

I’ve heard some people say Nicole Kidman overacted her part and that Hugh Jackman carries the whole thing along, I disagree. Nicole Kidman played her part perfectly. When you actually bother to consider what her role in the movie is, what her characters background is, she has matched her acting to suit and she has done it well.

If you are a Hugh Jackman fan, you won’t be disappointed, he gives one of his best performances to date, playing the part of the Drover.

The actor that really stole the show though is Brandon Walters, the boy that played Nullah, a young boy with an Aboriginal mother who was a victim of abuse at the hands of a white man – Neil Fletcher (played by David Wenham). Subsequently, Nullah is a halfcast that the authorities are attempting to track down, and eventually catch and send him to Mission Island.

Brandon Walters gives a heart touching performance that had a number of people at the cinema in tears, and many of us close to.

This is a movie that is appealing in so many ways. We laughed, we cried, we could relate, there was lots of action, tragedy and history (though not all accurate)

I was disappointed by some of the inconsistencies in the film though. Overall the cinematography was stunning! However, there were a number of times I noticed little things out of place. For example when the Drover walks through the front gate to leave and closes it after him, then cut to a long shot of him walking away, the gate is open again.

Another example is when, during a long shot, the Drover pretends to light a cigarette whilst talking to Lady Ashley, then immediately cut to a medium shot of the two, and he is rolling the cigarette.

I noticed little things like this happened way more times than they should have for a film that was otherwise extremely well put together.

Overall, I give it a 9/10, what did you think of it?