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Python Tutorial 3 – Integers and Floats

As you saw in the final section of the previous tutorial on numeric expressions in Python, Fractions, the following two expressions give different answers: [sourcecode language=”Python”] 18.0 / 7.0 # This returns 2.571485714285716 18 / 7 # This returns 2 [/sourcecode] So what’s going on here? Well, this is an example of the two main

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Python Tutorial 2 – Numeric Expressions

Python’s interpreter can be used as a calculator quite easily. Of course, this is somewhat pointless since there are calculators built into most operating systems anyway. However, the numeric expressions that are built into Python become quite useful in general applications and are important to know. Before you can start learning Python, you will need

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Python Tutorial 1 – Getting Python

Python object-oriented programming language at uni in ITB001: Problem Solving and Programming, I figure what better way to solidify what I am learning than to write about it. Someone might find it useful as well. So if you see anything that is wrong, or anything like that, feel free to point it out, I won’t

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