Samsung DVD-1080P8 Upscaling Player

Samsung DVD-1080P8 Upscaling PlayerWhen we were looking at upscaling DVD players for dad for his birthday, the Samsung literally jumped out at us.

I’m fond of Samsung to start with, so they automatically got a fairly high opinion from me, but then we came across the DVD-1080P8 in Harvey Norman alongside all the other brands.

I got to pull one out of the box and have a look at it, and was quite impressed to find that it was about the only upscaling player that actually had a decent remote and came with a HDMI cable. No other brand that I have come across comes with a HDMI cable. So just there, we have two big plusses and we haven’t even gotten to the player itself yet! And we’ve already saved around $20 on the cable as well!

The player itself is very light, so I was a bit dubious about that, but pretty well every DVD player these days is like that now anyway. Unlike a large number of players these days though, it also has full controls on the player itself, so if there is a problem with the remote, the functionality isn’t limited. So all the positives significantly outweighed the negatives and we decided to get it.

Between the time dad set it up on his birthday and when I came back to Brisbane, we watched numerous DVD’s using it, and they were really quite impressive! The Star Wars DVD’s and other movies that had computer generated effects were the most stunning.

Cartoon’s that are all solid colours with minimal shading don’t work too well, but ones with lots of shading and colour variation really stand out!

It is an enormous improvement upscaling the DVD’s to 1080p from the standard 480i or 576i (depending on the DVD).

If you can’t justify a Blu-Ray player, which I certainly can’t, this upscaling player from Samsung is well worth the money for a huge increase in quality on your DVD’s!

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