VMWare Fusion “Failed to Lock the File”

I had a VMWare Fusion crash today with a Windows virtual machine running. When I tried to bring it back up though I got a “Failed to Lock the File” error. Restarting VMWare didn’t fix it, rebooting didn’t fix it. After a quick search I found an article on a similar issue with the Windows version of VMWare.

They suggested locating and deleting the .lck file in the virtual machine folder. I figured I’d try this, even though my situation was a bit different. To find the .lck files in OS X you will need to look inside the VMWare package. Simply right click on it and click “Show Package Contents”.

There were 3 .lck files inside my package, I could not get VMWare to open the virtual machine until I had deleted all 3. After doing so it worked perfectly fine. There does not appear to be any data loss except for what wasn’t saved prior to the crash.

5 thoughts on “VMWare Fusion “Failed to Lock the File””

  1. Thank you! I am a complete novice at VMWare & had the same problem opening Windows. I found many other sites telling me to look for .LCK files, but only yours explained I had to select “Show Package Contents”. Life is good again!

  2. Hey Melanie,

    No worries at all, I found the same thing when I was looking for a solution, which is why I decided to write this! I’m glad it helped!

  3. Success!!! I found another article but it was wayyyyyy to extensive! I wandered into my package contents and looked around, then found your article and removed the .Ick files and all was good with the world again! =]

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