Vodafone 3G Broadband Modem On Vista

Since upgrading to Windows Vista, I have found more problems with the Vodafone software for the 3G broadband modems.

On Windows XP or Mac OS X, when you unplug the modem without disconnecting the connection first, it will act the same way as if you unplug an ethernet cable and unplug a USB device.

On XP, the network connection changes to a disconnected icon, it makes a disconnected USB sound and says the device has been disconnected. The Vodafone software then displays the “Searching for Hardware”  message.

On OS X, the network connection simply disconnects

However, on Windows Vista it complicates it entirely. If you unplug the modem without first disconnecting the connection, you have to reboot the computer before you can use the 3G modem again.

When you unplug it, it performs the normal disconnected USB notifications, however, it doesn’t change the network status to disconnected, and the Vodafone software just sits there, counting the time connected. If you press disconnect, it does nothing, if you try to close it, it does nothing, even forcing it closed and reopening it doesn’t fix it, it straight up starts counting the connected time again.

Even if you manually disable the network connection it keeps doing this.

Plugging the modem back in doesn’t change anything, you simply cannot press the connect button again because it will not come back up until you reboot.

I am using the latest version of the Vodafone software that is meant to be Vista compatible.

Vodafone have been no help either, the software works, it just does not work correctly unless you remember to disconnect it before unplugging the modem.

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