Entering Banff National Park – Canada

As we are planning our road trip in Canada we are looking at what things we need to know and do before we go.

Entering Banff National Park - Canada

One of the things that has come up in our research is the need for a National Park Pass while we are in Banff National Park. These can be ordered online and then depending on the type of pass, they can just be printed out and displayed on the left-hand side of the car dashboard while in the national park.

You can purchase either a day pass or an annual pass. The day passes can be purchased for multiple days and there is a handy calculator available at this website that will tell you what is going to be the best value for the period you are visiting, what the cost is and allow you to order yours.

It looks like you can only order a pass 1 month in advance, so we can’t order ours as yet. Based on using similar dates though it looks like it is cheaper to get day passes up to the 6 day mark. Once you reach 7 days though an annual pass is more cost effective.

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