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Over the past few weeks, I’ve setup a couple of new blogs. What’s that? I hardly update this one or as it is? I know, I know, I have lots of things to put on them and no time to do it!

The two new blogs are both for very good reasons though!

Show Me In The Bible


This one is based on Drupal and was created during the Show Me In The Bible seminars run at Springwood church, initially presented by Pr Russell Willcocks and now continued by Pr Travis Manners.

I set it up with two ideas in mind, the first as a point to centralise all the videos that I have been uploading to Youtube and Vimeo from the seminars so that other people can find them easily. The second as somewhere I can continue to share video, audio and just general information from or on other Bible based events and presenters.

At the moment this just uses the standard Drupal template and doesn’t really have any special functionality. I hope to redesign this and implement some nicer things in the future, but just have not had time.


This one is WordPress based and is setup as a university assignment for KIB216 “Advanced Web Design”. The aim is to be an online professional portfolio. In some regards, this will overlap a great deal with but ah well, I own the domain already and it is an assignment requirement, so I might as well and then try and figure out some further use for it afterwards.

At the moment it just uses a template I found when I did a quick look at templates that aren’t Kubrick, because I despise Kubrick. The assignment was to use the blog to display our graphic design of what we intend to design the blog to look like, and then the next assignment is to do up the template itself. So this will need to be done in the next 2 weeks which makes this one a bit of a priority, even though I don’t exactly have a permanent use for it yet.

I have to say though, in being forced to work with WordPress again, it reminds me why I started moving to Drupal. Aside from the one click updates on the core and plugins that WordPress has, Drupal is a far better blog and CMS platform in general. Yes, Still as Life is still WordPress based, as is but hey, I don’t have time to migrate them completely to Drupal and it doesn’t hurt to have live WordPress installations I can play with in case I need to use it for a client.

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