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Une vie significative

12 choses dont je suis reconnaissant pour ce Noël

C'est la veille de Noël, et cela signifie que demain, c'est Noël! En regardant en arrière au cours de l'année, il y a tellement de choses qui ont fait de cette année un défi. Des choses douloureuses, des choses stressantes et des choses simplement frustrantes. L'année a commencé avec des nouvelles, bonnes et mauvaises. Ma soeur était en Australie

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Nourriture boisson

Should Christians be Vegan?

I had just got back from Soul Burger in Randwick when I thought I would write this. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten food from them, and I consider myself really lucky to be staying within walking distance of their store. Soul Burger does 100% vegan food in your typical diner style burgers with

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What is Speaking in Tongues According to the Bible?

The concept of tongues can be quite confusing today, with some churches presenting the belief that a person saying things that most present can’t understand is the Biblical concept of speaking in tongues. Other churches teach there is no such thing as speaking in tongues, and still others teach other variations of the concept. So what

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Pourquoi Dieu nous permet-il de faire des erreurs?

It is good for us to be involved in the work of God. It teaches us to be Christ-like. It’s important to remember as well that we learn, whether we sin and rebel or whether we get actively involved. Either way we learn and sometimes we have to learn before we can achieve what God

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Qu'est-ce qui se passe quand on meurt?

This is a great animated summary of what the Bible teaches about what happens when you die and what your soul is. Definitely check out the Bible references for yourself! It takes a look at heaven, hell, purgatory, reincarnation and makes it clear what comes from the Bible and what doesn’t.

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Ezekiel 1:18 & 22 – Awesome, Dreadful, Terrible

I was just reading Ezekiel 1 and these two verses, 18 and 22 really stood out to me. The reason being, they both use the word “awesome” in the NIV. This word is used 34 times in the entire NIV translation, all of these times are in the Old Testament. These two verses particularly stood

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Luke 12 – The Servants

I enjoy reading Luke, in many places he has bits of information that help explain things from the other gospels. In Luke 12 for example, there is one section that is paralleled in both Matthew and Mark (though more closely in Matthew), and there is one verse in Luke that is not in the other

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