Horseshoe Bay Kiosk – South West Rocks, NSW

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We had dinner here last night. Unfortunately I was too hungry and completely forgot to take photos, but I thought I’d share our experience nevertheless.

My in-laws and my wife are loyal locals and always like to visit the Horseshoe Bay Kiosk whenever they go to South West Rocks. Every time they have tried to take me before though, the kiosk has been closed, but this time it was finally open and I can understand why they like to get food there.

We got burgers, chips, gravy and ice cream for dinner.

One thing to be aware of, especially if you order anything besides chips is that they don’t call orders out based on the number order. For example, we were 87, but they had gotten to 105 before they came back to us. The reason for this is that chips cook faster than burgers. That said, we were waiting about 45 minutes for our order which seems quite a while for a burger. As long as you are aware to expect a wait of that long though then you won’t have a problem. One way around it might be to order chips in one order and everything else in another – that way you at least get your chips earlier to start munching on!

That aside the burgers were pretty awesome. They were a decent size and tasted great.

I had the chicken burger and everyone else had hamburgers. They both had good chunks of meat on them and lots of salad. It took a bit to get our mouths around them, so in spite of the wait, it was worth while.

We were also pleased to find that the chips were fresh, they hadn’t been cooked straight away and left sitting while the burgers cooked, they were cooked later on to coincide with the burgers being ready. They were chunky chips and they went down well with the gravy, though the gravy was perhaps a bit too salty.

For dessert we had ice cream. The Horseshoe Bay Kiosk has a lot of ice cream choices – though unfortunately they had run out of a lot when we were getting dessert. It’s setup like a Baskin Robbins style, but based on Peters ice creams.




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