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I’ve just been skimming through the Found Money participating merchants on Raiz(以前是橡子澳大利亚) and have noticed a few new ones have joined the ranks over the last couple of months. This is great news, especially as more and more retailers that I buy from on a regular basis have become available. Sadly, a few of the previous merchants are no longer participating, but they were not ones I shop with anyway so not a big deal to me.

If you aren’t sure how Found Money works on 雷兹 (previously Acorns), check out my blog post here. The short version is: when you shop at a participating merchant, they will reward you by contributing a certain amount of money into your account. That amount varies between retailers, but it’s an excellent way to add a little extra money into your 雷兹 investment while shopping for things you are buying anyway.

So without further ado, here are the currently participating merchants and their rewards.

New merchants:

  • Neat Ideas Cinema Vouchers (Event, Hoyts, BCC, etc.) – $4 investment (unclear if it is per voucher or per order)
  • Bonds – 4x regular round-up
  • Aussie Farmers Direct – $10 investment for first-time customers and $1 investment per order for future orders.
  • 你好新鲜 – $20 investment for first-time customers
  • Uber Drive Partner – $50 investment for referring a new driver (once they take their first drive) and $20 investment for uploading their driver’s license  (unclear if the $50 includes the $20 amount or if they are separate).
  • Uber Rider – $5 investment when you order your first Uber through Acorns
  • General Pants Co – 3x regular round-up
  • 易趣 – 3% of your purchase
  • Catch of the Day – 5x regular round-up
  • Strawberry Net – 10% of first purchase and then 1x regular round-up for future purchases.
  • BCF – 4x regular round-up
  • Booktopia – 3x regular round-up
  • 宠物库存 – 4x regular round-up
  • Virgin 澳大利亚 – 1% of your purchase on flight bookings
  • Wiggle – 4x regular round-up
  • Flowers for Everyone – 5% of your purchase
  • Ambrose Coffee – 10% of your purchase on 250g bags of Ambrose Coffee
  • R.M. Williams – 30x your regular round-up (no, that isn’t a typo)
  • Red Balloon – 5% of your purchase
  • Swanky Socks – 10% of your purchase
  • Nixer – $5 investment for signing up and $10 Nixer credit.

Continuing merchants:

  • 标志性 – 5x regular round-up
  • 丹·墨菲 – 5x regular round-up
  • 阿索斯 – 4x regular round-up
  • Foodora – $10 investment for first-time customers and $1 per order for future orders
  • 耐克 – 3x regular round-up
  • 戴维·琼斯 – 4x regular round-up
  • 蜂鸟 – $3 per order
  • 棉花上 – 2x regular round-up
  • 查尔斯·特威特 – 5x regular round-up
  • 罗娜·简(Lorna Jane) – 3x regular round-up
  • 药房4少 – 2x regular round-up

No longer participating merchants:

  • 酒窖大师
  • 波特先生
  • 花瓣
  • 女运动员
  • 兰顿
  • 利里皮蒂

Any new ones there that are useful to you? The big ones for me are 易趣, PETstock and Virgin 澳大利亚. On [eafl id=”4083″ name=”易趣 homepage” text=”易趣”], I can buy almost anything, so I can now get bonus round-ups on virtually any purchase. PETstock and Virgin both offer services that I use semi-regularly, so that means additional rewards. Particularly in the case of Virgin, think double-ups! 1% investment plus Velocity Frequent Flyer Points. Awesome!

Not using Raiz (previously Acorns) yet?

If you don’t use 雷兹 yet and aren’t sure, you can get a bonus investment of $2.50 by signing up using 我的推荐链接在这里. It doesn’t take long before you start to see the returns well above bank interest. I have been using 雷兹 since they opened up shop in 澳大利亚 in February 2016 under the Acorns brand and have found it to be such an easy way to invest. While the returns are variable, I have been noting they consistently sit above 6% on an aggressive investment portfolio, with the highest I’ve seen at 12.5%. Be sure to let me know in the comments if you’ve got any questions about how Found Money works, about 雷兹 or just in general!




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