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Joya de los mares del sur

Not exactly close to anything but ocean, ocean and more ocean, French Polynesia often seems like a remote island paradise where Paul Gauguin spent the last 10 years of his life painting. It can feel like these islands are hard to reach and expensive to visit. Island groups like Bora Bora conjure up images of lux overwater bungalows, jaw-dropping beaches and superb weather. While French Polynesia can be all of those things, it doesn’t have to be hard to reach or expensive to visit!

Guía de viaje: Polinesia Francesa

Both a French Overseas Collectivity and the only French Overseas Country, French Polynesia has a fascinating blend of Tahitian culture tied into the ocean way of life mixed with French influence. From remarkable underwater experiences, to the tastiest fish you’ll ever eat and idyllic beaches contrasted with the thriving island city of Papeete, it’s a country that can only truly be explored by sea.

Taking to the water in year-round perfect temperatures, it’s easy to understand the relationship the Tahitian culture has with the sea. Whether swimming with the sharks and sting-rays in Moorea, diving around Tahiti or trying an bicicleta acuática submarina in the Bora Bora lagoon, there is something special for everyone.

If French Polynesia isn’t on your bucket list, it should be!

Ori Tahiti en el Intercontinental I Pape'ete I Tahiti



¡Un crucero transpacífico es una de las formas más fáciles (y más económicas) de visitar la Polinesia Francesa!

Sydney a Hawái: cruce transpacífico

18 noches

  • Puerto de salida: Sydney, Australia

  • Puerto de escala: Picton, Nueva Zelanda

  • Puerto de escala: Wellington, Nueva Zelanda

  • Puerto de escala: Pape'ete, Tahití, Polinesia Francesa

  • Puerto de escala: Mo'orea, Polinesia Francesa

  • Puerto de escala: Bora Bora, Polinesia Francesa

  • Puerto de llegada: Honolulu, Hawái, EE. UU.

Sydney, Australia - Picton, Nueva Zelanda - Wellington, Nueva Zelanda - Pape'ete, Tahití, Polinesia Francesa - Mo'orea, Polinesia Francesa - Bora Bora, Polinesia Francesa - Honolulu, Hawái, EE. UU.


Encuentros con la vida silvestre

Nade en acuarios naturales con abundantes tiburones, rayas y peces de arrecife en las lagunas poco profundas de la Polinesia Francesa.

Shark & Stingray Snorkel Cruise


Underwater Scooter Aquabike

Bora Bora


De vuelta a la naturaleza


While the ocean is an undeniable part of French Polynesia, it’s not the only nature you’ll find. Take a 4WD tour on Bora Bora to explore the interior of the main island and climb the iconic Mount Otemanu rising out of the centre of the lagoon.

“Todas las alegrías, animales y humanas, de una vida libre son mías. He escapado de todo lo artificial, lo convencional, lo habitual. Estoy entrando en la verdad, en la naturaleza ”.

– Paul Gauguin

Pareus artesanal
Cañones de la Segunda Guerra Mundial
Playa Matira
Vista desde el monte Otemanu


Experiencias de lujo

With luxury resorts on most islands in French Polynesia, it’s possible to spend a day, or a week, in luxury with sumptuous food, entertainment and gorgeous settings. Even French Polynesia’s own cruise line, Paul Gauguin Cruises offers a luxury experience.

Esnórquel con almuerzo en el Intercontinental Tahiti

Pape’ete I Tahiti

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