Un día completo en el itinerario de Broome: de Darwin a Perth, día 5

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El día 5 fue un cambio bienvenido. Después de 5 días de conducir largas distancias, fue agradable pasar todo el día en Broome explorando las vistas allí. Pudimos ver la salida del sol sobre la bahía de Roebuck mirando hacia la costa oeste australiana.

Sunrise over Roebuck Bay
Salida del sol sobre la bahía de Roebuck

The weather was quite unusual with clear skies to start with, and then as the sun got up a bit higher, thick clouds came in, and soon it was clear again.

The clouds over Roebuck Bay
Las nubes sobre la bahía de Roebuck

After breakfast, we headed out of the caravan park to explore Broome. We went to:

  • Punto de Gantheaume
  • Broome Port
  • Streeters Jetty
  • Cygnet Bay Pearl Showroom
  • Pearl Luggers
  • Sun Imágenes
  • Broome War Memorial
  • Historical Society Museum
  • The Mango Place
  • Blue Body Buddha Sanctuary
  • Japanese and Chinese cemeteries
  • Playa de cable

Punto de Gantheaume

We got underway early so we could get out to Gantheaume Point at the lowest tide for the day, which was just after 7 am.

Gantheaume Point
Punto de Gantheaume

Gantheaume Point is charming in its own unique way, and at low tide, there are 3 fossilised dinosaur tracks that you can see.

The path to Gantheaume Point
El camino al punto de Gantheaume

It turn’s out to be quite difficult to access with a steep and slippery climb down the rocks.

Then, of course, you have to actually find them. We had picked up a map at the visitor information centre the day before that indicated where they should be from the lighthouse. However, they were still tough to find, and it’s hard to tell if the tide is low enough to see them. We knew the tide at it’s lowest was meant to be low enough to see all of them, but it seemed one, possibly two of the tracks were almost under water again already by the time we found them at 7:34 am. That said there are plenty of other interesting things to see from crabs to other funny little underwater things.

Fortunately, all the other tourists were trying to find them too, but even those who had found them only the day before were having trouble finding them again. After a while, some other people found one, possibly two of them and called out letting everyone else know.

Matt with dinosaur tracks at Gantheaume Point
Matt con huellas de dinosaurios en Gantheaume Point

We couldn’t find any trace of the third track, and it was starting to get hot, so we decided to call it quits.

Plus, the tide was creeping back in, and we had a lot we wanted to see with a tough climb back up the rocks to do first.

Made it back to the top
Volví a la cima


The dinosaur story at Gantheaume Point
La historia de los dinosaurios en Gantheaume Point


It's a dirt road in and out of Gantheaume Point
It’s a dirt road in and out of Gantheaume Point

Broome Port

On the way back to Broome, we passed the turn to Broome Port, so we went in to have a look.

 The Port of Pearls House
La casa del puerto de perlas en el puerto de Broome

It was on our list purely because it was on the way, if it weren’t, we probably would not have gone in. At the port, there is a cafe and beautiful garden with a plaque commemorating the jetty opening.

The Port of Broome
El puerto de Broome

We weren’t able to go out on the jetty itself, but from the garden, we had a pretty good view of the pier and the surrounding beaches and cliffs.

The gardens at Broome Port
Los jardines en el puerto de Broome

The tide was still quite low, so it was quite a sight seeing this jetty so high, towering above the water.

The pier and plaque at Broome Port
El muelle y la placa en el puerto de Broome

Streeters Jetty 

There isn’t a lot left of Streeters Jetty, but the history is fascinating.

Streeters Jetty Plaque
Streeters Jetty Plaque

It used to be the main wharf in Broome, at the centre of the pearling industry.

Another plaque at Streeters Jetty
Otra placa en Streeters Jetty

Now it is short, ending in a mangrove swamp that was once cleared to let the pearl luggers in.

Streeters Jetty
Streeters Jetty

It is also shorter than it once was.

The view from the end of Streeters Jetty today
The view from the end of Streeters Jetty

While not much to see, I did personally find it fascinating to picture the luggers coming into town. Especially after also reading more of the history at the Cygnet Bay Pearl Showroom and visiting the restored pearl luggers up the street.

The remains of a ship at Streeters Jetty
Los restos de un barco en Streeters Jetty

Cygnet Bay Pearl Showroom

While it is a promotion for Cygnet Bay Pearls, the Showroom at Shop 2, 21 Dampier Terrace in Broome’s China Town is full of history with an operating demonstration of pearl farming.

Pearl farming demonstration
Demostración de cultivo de perlas

It has a looping documentary running on the pearling industry along with examples of how pearl farming works now and a history feature wall.

Part of the Cygnet Bay Pearls feature wall about pearling history
Parte de Cygnet Bay Pearls presenta un muro sobre la historia de las perlas

The feature wall includes a lot of history beyond just Cygnet Bay and actually tells a fascinating story of Broome’s pearl history.

The Cygnet Bay Pearl demonstration room
La sala de demostración de Cygnet Bay Pearl

As you might expect the Showroom also holds many pearls and pearl jewellery as well as the worlds largest pearl.

The largest pearl at Cygnet Bay Pearl Showroom
The biggest pearl in the world at Cygnet Bay Pearl Showroom

It really is remarkably large, and the showroom jewellery is beautiful.

Pearl shells outside Cygnet Bay Pearl Showroom
Conchas de perlas fuera de Cygnet Bay Pearl Showroom

Pearl Luggers

At 31 Dampier Terrace, just up the street from the Cygnet Bay Pearl Showroom are some restored pearl lugging ships with a cafe and museum.

One of the restored pearl luggers
Uno de los luggers de perlas restaurados

While there is a fee to access the museum, the pearl lugging ships are free to see.

A hard hat diving helmet is also setup for you to get your photo taken if your head is small enough (mine isn’t).

Matt with a hard hat diving helmet
Matt con casco de buceo


The Pearl Luggers Cafe
The Pearl Luggers Cafe


Scones and a milkshake at the Pearl Luggers Cafe
Scones y un batido en el Pearl Luggers Cafe

Sun Imágenes

The oldest continuously operating open-air picture theatre in the world is located at 8 Carnarvon St in Broome.

Matt at Sun Pictures, Broome
Matt en Sun Pictures, Broome

Who would have thought that Broome would be home to something as unique as that, especially given that this kind of cinema is pretty well non-existent nowadays?

Some of the history at Sun Pictures in Broome
Parte de la historia en Sun Pictures en Broome

During the day you can access the theatre for free and learn about the history intertwined with memorabilia and old equipment on display.

Old ticket booth at Sun Pictures
Ticket booth at Sun Pictures

Each night there are 2 movie sessions available.

Memorabilia at Sun Pictures
Memorabilia at Sun Pictures


Old projection equipment at Sun Pictures
Equipo de proyección antiguo en Sun Pictures

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to watch a movie with our schedule, but it would be great to take the time and watch one if we ever make our way back.

Sun Pictures Memorabilia
Sun Pictures Memorabilia


Sun Pictures
Sun Imágenes

While the theatre is open air, a significant portion of the laid back, hessian deck chair style seating is undercover leaving open air around the screen where you can see the occasional plane coming in for landing overhead at Broome Airport.

The screen at Sun Pictures
La pantalla de Sun Pictures

Japanese and Chinese Cemeteries

The large paifang stands out at the entrance to the Broome Chinese cemetery located on Port Drive near the Taiji Road intersection.

Chinese paifang at the Broome Chinese Cemtery
Chinese paifang at the Broome Chinese Cemetery

Inside is a history of the Chinese contribution to Broome and the pearling industry.

Pearl shell gravestone in the Broome Chinese Cemetery
Pearl shell gravestone in the Broome Chinese Cemetery

Located next to it is the Japanese Cemetery.

Broome Japanese Cemetery
Cementerio japonés de Broome

While not quite as prominent it has recently had all the headstones replaced and looks beautiful. A fitting memorial to the Japanese people that contributed to making Broome what it is today.

Historical Society Museum 

The museum is located at 67 Robinson Street in Broome and contains a lot of historical information about Broome. At the entrance is a large time capsule and some general information about Broome.

Time capsule at the Broome Historical Society Museum
Cápsula del tiempo en el Museo de la Sociedad Histórica de Broome

Unfortunately, there is no information about whether there is a cost to entry, but after going inside and asking the person at the counter, we found it is $6 per adult for entry. The price is reasonable, but the attendant also told us it would take 1-2 hours to go through the museum and read some of the information. We decided we didn’t have the time and saved the money, but from what we could see inside it looked like it would be attractive to the history buffs.

That Mango Place

Located in Roebuck, about 15 minutes out of Broome, That Mango Place is a mango farm and cafe that sells everything mango.

That Mango Place Sign
Esa señal de lugar de mango


That Mango Place cafe entrance
That Mango Place Cafe entrance

You can expect everything from ice cream to cheesecake to syrup and chutney.

Mango products at That Mango Place
Productos de mango en That Mango Place

We had the mango cheesecake with mango ice cream on the side.

Mango cheesecake and ice cream at That Mango Place
Tarta de queso y helado de mango en That Mango Place

The cheesecake was served with cream and mango syrup and tasted great!

That Mango Place cafe menu
Ese menú del café Mango Place


That Mango Place cafe menu
That Mango Place cafe drinks menu

That said, the mango ice cream was even better! It was the best mango ice cream I’ve ever had. It was oozing with mango goodness. I can’t recommend it enough!

Mango's at That Mango Cafe
Mango’s at That Mango Cafe

If you happen to be a bit bored, there is also a mini golf course that you can try your hand at. We had to keep going, though.

Mango's at That Mango Cafe
Mango’s at That Mango Cafe


Mango's at That Mango Cafe
Mango’s at That Mango Cafe

Blue Body Buddha Sanctuary

The Blue Body Buddha Sanctuary is near Cable Beach at 5 Millington Road and is open to the public from 7-10am and 4-7pm.

Blue Body Buddha Sanctuary Entrance
Entrada al Santuario del Buda del Cuerpo Azul

It’s a quiet and peaceful place, but the relatively small gardens are dominated by a 3m high Buddha statue.

3m high Buddha statue at the Blue Body Buddha Sanctuary
Estatua de Buda de 3 m de altura en el Santuario del Buda del Cuerpo Azul

Entry is free during opening hours, and the gardens are beautiful, it has a similar atmosphere to the Zen temple we visited in Kyoto a few years ago.

Fountain at the Blue Body Buddha Sanctuary
Fuente en el Santuario del Buda del Cuerpo Azul


Rock garden at the Blue Body Buddha Sanctuary
Jardín de rocas en el Santuario del Buda del Cuerpo Azul

So if you have a little bit of free time, it is a beautiful, tranquil place to visit.

Wishing Well at the Blue Body Buddha Sanctuary
Deseando bien en el Santuario del Buda del Cuerpo Azul

Playa de cable

One of Western Australia’s iconic beaches, Cable Beach is the beach where the undersea telegraph cable between Java, Indonesia and Australia reaches land.

Cable Beach Panorama
Panorama de la playa de cable

The beach is a 22km long, wide white sand beach with small red ochre cliffs that enable you to see further out to see.

Cable Beach
Playa de cable

Three companies offer camel rides around sunrise and sunset that head north of the rocks from the Cable Beach carpark.

4WD's and camels are permitted North
4WD’s and camels are permitted North

Four wheel drives are also allowed north of the rocks.

Camels heading to the beach
Camellos rumbo a la playa

Unfortunately, there is almost no shade at Cable Beach. Just a couple of trees. Everywhere else is just open grass or sand.

The only shade at Cable Beach
La única sombra en Cable Beach

We had dinner in the back of our van in the beach carpark and then watched the sunset from the grassy cliff tops.

Cable Beach Sunset
Cable Beach Sunset

It was a beautiful night with a stunning sunset. From the cliffs, the sun takes a long time to go down, and you can watch it for almost a good 45 minutes.

Early afternoon you can see the camels heading onto the beach and is the sun disappears over the horizon, the camels and a stream of four wheel drives return from the beach.

Camels on the beach
Camellos en la playa


Camels heading to the beach
Camellos rumbo a la playa

It’s a remarkable traffic jam as a train of vehicles queue to get back onto the road.

Camels and 4WD's returning from Cable BeachCamels and 4WD's returning from Cable Beach
Camels and 4WD’s returning from Cable Beach

Bed Time

Finally, we made our way back to the Roebuck Bay Caravan Park after dark and headed to bed. We had an early start the next day for our full day Horizontal Falls tour!

Been to Broome? Got any thoughts or tips for the places we visited, or any other places worth seeing? I’d love to hear them, let me know in the comments below.

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