Cenar en el restaurante italiano Angelo's en cruceros P&O

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Angelo's es una de las opciones gastronómicas gratuitas a bordo de la mayoría de los barcos en el Australia-based P&O Cruceros fleet, and as the name might suggest, the cuisine is Italian-inspired.

Most recently, we enjoyed a terrific meal at Angelo’s aboard P&O Pacific Explorer, and for the coeliac sufferers, gluten allergic, or otherwise gluten intolerant; yes, you can have gluten-free pasta. Yes, you definitely can. No missing out for you at this Italian restaurant!

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How does Angelo’s work?

Angelo’s Italian is an ala carte style specialty restaurant. Unlike most specialty restaurants, Angelo’s is free, so there is no cover charge or price per dish except for two reasonably-priced premium options.

I love that P&O includes some complimentary specialty restaurants in their fares, like Angelo’s and Dragon Lady.

Angelo’s is only open for dinner meals, and while you can just turn up, bookings are recommended if you want to dine at a specific time.

Angelo's Dessert Trolleys on P&O Pacific Explorer

I’ve often noted queues of people waiting for a table, so if you don’t book in advance, this could be you. Waiting is most likely at peak time from restaurant opening (usually 6:30 or 7 pm) until about 8:30 pm.

So, book in advance if you can. You can book over the phone by calling the specialty restaurants number, or, you can see the restaurant staff at various times during the day (times vary).

Should you choose to go with one of the premium dishes, shown on the menu as ”indulgere”, it will simply be charged to your stateroom account. The same goes for any drinks you purchase. Otherwise, there is nothing else to pay.

Angelo’s Menu

CORREOS has a sample menu for Angelo’s available on their website. At the time of writing, the sample menu is the same menu that we had aboard Pacific Explorer on this culinary stop.

P&O - Angelo's Italian Restaurant Menu
P&O – Angelo’s Italian Restaurant Menu

Angelo’s offers an ala carte dining experience, based around a three-course meal and sides.

The modern styling inside Angelo's Restaurant on P&O Pacific Explorer.

As your waiter welcomes you to your table, they will bring you some breadsticks, and you can, of course, order drinks if you wish.

Bread sticks are provided at P&O's Angelo's restaurant while you wait for your food.

Then, once you are ready, your waiter will take your order.

So, let’s indulge with some photos of some of the different choices available on the menu.


The starters! Primi is your entree or first course, and the dishes available are quite appealing, in my opinion, with choices that will suit most taste buds.

For the coeliac travellers and otherwise gluten-averse diners, none of the primi options are labelled as gluten-free or gluten-free on request. That said, many of the dishes can be made without their glutenous ingredients. Just make sure to ask your waiter!

Cavolfiore Arrosto con Uvetta e Salsa Romesco

I, personally, am a big pin of the ”Cavolfiore Arrosto con Uvetta e Salsa Romesco”. Essentially, roasted cauliflower with a romesco sauce! I love roasted cauliflower, and this sauce has so much flavour in it!

Angelos Primi - Cavolfiore Arrosto con Uvetta e Salsa Romesco. Essentially, roasted cauliflower with a romesco sauce!

Zupa di Patate

Angelo’s ”Zupa di Patate”. Or potato soup is one of the dishes that can be made gluten-free even though it doesn’t indicate as such.

Angelos Primi - Zupa di Patate. Or potato soup.

Ok, it’s soup. What more can I say? It is a bowl of tasty potato soup with more depth than I expected. Normally, it does have bacon as well, but we got it baconless as well as glutenless.


Secondi is your second course or main meal. As I mentioned earlier, Angelo’s is included in your cruise fare on P&O Cruises, so there is no need to pay any extra for your meal.

However, if you wish to pay more, let no one stop you! You can dig into one of the “Indulgere” dishes for an extra charge.

The choices available in the ”Indulgere” range are not my thing, but the pricing is very reasonable in my opinion. Especially when you compare the AUD pricing of Angelo’s on P&O to the USD pricing of premium dishes in specialty restaurants on other cruise lines that also have a cover charge, like Giovanni’s, Parrilla de chuletas o Samba Grill en Caribe Real.

However, I digress! Let’s get back to the main menu at Angelo’s Italian on P&O.

Cappellacci di Zucca Arrosto

The ”Cappellacci di Zucca Arrosto” is cappellacci style pasta stuffed with pumpkin and tossed in burnt sage butter with pine nuts. Don’t know what cappellacci is? Neither did I!

It turns out that cappellacci is a style of pasta that is stuffed with some kind of filling and folded into shapes that resemble little hats.

If you look closely, they kind of do look like little hats, don’t they?

Angelo's Secondi Cappellacci di Zucca Arrosto. This is cappellacci style pasta stuffed with pumpkin and tossed in burnt sage butter and pine nuts.

Now you know!

Vitello Ossobucco Gremolata

Angelo’s ”Vitello Ossobucco Gremolata” is slow-cooked veal osso bucco gremolata with pumpkin mash and buttered green beans.

That’s a few more words I don’t know. I understood the slow-cooked veal with pumpkin mash and beans part but the rest went over my head.

So, for those interested in expanding their Italian vocabulary and food knowledge further:

  • Osso bucco is an Italian dish made from veal shins with the marrow, stewed in wine. It quite literally translates to ”bone veal”.
  • Gremolata is a garnish made with parsley, garlic, and lemon zest. I’m not entirely sure that’s what we see on our dish, but the dried onion garnish is delicious nevertheless!
Angelo's Secondi Vitello Ossobucco Gremolata. Slow cooked veal ossobucco gremolata with pumpkin mash and buttered green beans.

Right, moving on!

Risotto al Funghi con Ricotta e Spinaci

Our next secondi from Angelo’s is a little more familiar. ”Risotto al Funghi con Ricotta e Spinaci”. Mushroom risotto with ricotta cheese, parmesan and wilted spinach. A classic that wins every time. Melty, cheesy, yummy, shroomy risotto.

I try to avoid cheesy food these days, but, it’s just so tasty!

This tempting mushroom-infused risotto is also one of two dishes on the menu that is labelled as gluten-free all the time, not just on request.

Angelo's Secondi Risotto al Funghi con Ricotta e Spinaci. Mushroom risotto with ricotta cheese, parmesan and wilted spinach.

If you can tear yourself away from that evil risotto, we shall continue.

Filetto di Merluzzo Spadellato

There is something fishy about Angelo’s ”Filetto di Merluzzo Spadellato”. This dish is a pan-seared cod fillet with potato puree, mushrooms, roast zucchini and cherry tomatoes.

Not bad at all, and the second gluten-free choice that is always available.

Angelo's Secondi Filetto di Merluzzo Spadellato. Pan-seared cod fillet  with potato puree, mushrooms, roast zucchini and cherry tomatoes.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. WHERE’S THE PASTA?!?! And what kind if Italian restaurant would it be if there was no pasta dish on the menu?

Well, the menu does have penne and spaghetti on it as well as lasagne. The penne is the only option available as gluten-free on request.

I can’t speak for the pasta dishes that are actually on the menu since we didn’t try them, but I can say they are probably delicious!

Custom-Made Gluten-Free Spaghetti

You see, we got a custom-made, gluten-free chicken spaghetti tossed in a white sauce, and it was exceptional.

Angelo's Custom Gluten-Free Chicken Spaghetti with White Sauce

The gluten-free spaghetti used onboard P&O ships is quite good. I did notice that it does stick together a bit, but it’s definitely one of the better gluten-free spaghetti’s I’ve tried.

  • Note 1: Gluten-free on request dishes tend to take longer to prepare in their GF form, so, you may have a slightly longer wait for your meal.
  • Note 2: Order in advance if you need something that isn’t catered for on the menu.
  • Note 3: Allow an extra 20-30 mins wait for your food if you have a custom order.


The serving sizes for primi and secondi are quite reasonable, but if you think you might need a little more, you can also pick from a small selection of side dishes, the contorni.

Insalata di Radicchio con Gorgonzola Pere e Noci

Angelo’s ”Insalata di Radicchio con Gorgonzola Pere e Noci”. Also known as radicchio leaves with blue cheese, grilled pear and candied walnuts. That’s my kind of salad! Yum!

Angelo's Contorni Insalata di Radicchio con Gorgonzola Pere e Noci. Also known as radicchio leaves with blue cheese, grilled pear and candied walnuts. Yum!

Verdure al Vapore con Olio e Limone

The ”Verdure al Vapore con Olio e Limone” is steamed vegetables with extra virgin olive oil and lemon dressing. Not bad.

Angelo's Contorni Verdure al Vapore con Olio e Limone. Steamed vegetables with extra virgin olive oil and lemon dressing.


Lastly, dulce, the sweets, my favourite. 🙂

Para los tolerantes al gluten, Angelo 'sirve una tentadora variedad de opciones en un carrito de postres.

¿La selección?

  • Panna cotta
  • Pastel de natillas
  • Canelones de pistacho
  • Tiramisu

*Tos* O todo lo anterior. *Tos*

Angelo's Dessert Selection - Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, Pistachio Cannelloni, and a Custard Torte

¡No me mires!

El canelón es un poco decepcionante, pero el tiramisú es excelente. Realmente lo disfruté, ¡y la torta también me sorprendió!

Para los menos capaces de gluten, la elección podría describirse como inexistente. No te gustan los dulces cuando no puedes comer gluten, ¿verdad?

Afortunadamente, si le gustan los postres y requiere que no contengan gluten, para que sus vellosidades no sean asesinadas por sus glóbulos blancos, ya sabe, algo importante, su camarero se asegurará de que haya algo para usted.

En el carrito de deliciosos postres no se muestra el delicioso helado de chocolate negroy sí, no contiene gluten. También está oscuro. Muy oscuro. Posiblemente mejor que todo lo que hay en el carrito siempre que te guste el chocolate amargo y el helado.

Angelo's Dessert - GF Dark Chocolate Gelato

Nuestro camarero también obtuvo un panna cotta sin gluten para nosotros, que fue un placer.

Angelos Dessert - GF Panna Cotta

Tips for Coeliac and Gluten-Free Travellers

Pregunta siempre. El hecho de que algo en el menú no diga que no contiene gluten no significa que no pueda prepararse para usted. Sin embargo, tenga en cuenta que puede tardar un poco más.

Cuando reserve su mesa en Angelo's, hágales saber que necesita una comida sin gluten (lo mismo es válido para otras necesidades dietéticas especiales). Puede reservar su plato preferido al momento de la reserva y, dependiendo de qué tan lejos esté su reserva, puede pedir cosas que no están en el menú.

Reservamos nuestra mesa el día anterior y comimos uno de nuestros platos principales, los espaguetis, hechos a la medida. Simplemente les hacemos saber que nos gustaría un plato de espaguetis o fettuccine con pollo y salsa blanca. ¡Los chefs hicieron el resto!

El postre es probablemente el más difícil todos los postres estándar tienen gluten y la opción predeterminada que se ofrece sin gluten es un plato de queso y fruta. Sin embargo, su helado especial de chocolate negro no contiene gluten, y también pueden hacer una panna cotta sin gluten para usted. Si lo preguntas, ¡puede que haya más que te puedan preparar!

What about you?

¿Has comido en el restaurante italiano Angelo's en P&O? ¿Qué te gustó más? ¿Y hay algo que no te haya gustado? ¡Déjame saber abajo en los comentarios!

¡Póngalo como si te encantara!

Dining at Angelos Italian Restaurant on P&O - Pinterest Image
A Guide to P&O - Eating Gluten-Free at Angelo's Italian
Dining at Angelo's Restaurant on P&O Cruises
Specialty dining at Angelo's Italian restaurant on P&O Cruises.

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  1. ¡Oh, Dios mío, esto me está dando tanta hambre! ¡Quiero comer aquí! Me encanta cualquier cosa de pasta, así que estoy seguro de que me encantaría. ¡Gracias por compartir!

    • Jaja, gracias por comentar. Me encanta la comida de inspiración italiana, y mi esposa también es una gran fanática de la pasta, por lo que estaba muy emocionada de que pudieran comer sin gluten y ¡tener muchas opciones sin gluten! Eso es siempre un gran desafío con el italiano, ya que gran parte depende bastante del trigo.

  2. ¡Vaya, me encanta la pasta, pero estos son los objetivos de la pasta! Me alegro de haber comido, de lo contrario estaría tan celoso (aunque ya se me hace la boca agua). Me alegro de que lo hayas pasado tan bien, con los dedos cruzados puedes volver a hacerlo en el futuro. Mantente a salvo 🙂

    • ¡Gracias Lisa! Tengo muchas ganas de volver a tomar un crucero. ¡Señorita estar en barcos! Nuestro último viaje fue un viaje por carretera, y cuando subimos a un ferry de una hora, realmente me di cuenta de lo mucho que me encanta estar en el mar. Locura. ¡Tú también estás a salvo!


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