Menú del comedor principal de Royal Caribbean - Truffle Theme

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Caribe Real’s main dining room menu rotates nightly through an assortment of menus that are shared across their ships, usually coordinated with the ports they are sailing to and the tastes of the main demographics on board the ships.

That said, I’ve seen many of the same menus across multiple ships in different ports so don’t expect to always have the same menu in the same place or on the same ship. This truffle menu though was sampled aboard Resplandor de los mares.

Nota: As of early 2019, Caribe Real has released new menu’s so it is unlikely you will still find this menu onboard. It does, however, still represent the kind of food you can expect to find in the main dining room on Caribe Real cruises.

The Truffle Menu

The mysterious wild mushrooms known as truffles are prized for their rich flavour, purported aphrodisiac qualities and elusive nature. Those considered the best grow around the roots of certain trees in rural areas of Italy and France and are uncovered by highly trained dogs.

By weight, these rare tubers are one of the most expensive foods in the world. Delicate shavings adorn pasta dishes, elevate potato preparations to gourmet status and star in a decadent savoury custard. A delicacy like no other.

Menú principal

Royal Caribbean's Truffle Main Menu
Caribe Real’s Truffle Main Menu

While truffles don’t exactly star across this truffle themed menu, nor are they even in the chef’s inspiration, this is one of our favourite menu’s with a lot of interesting dishes. The only thing is, there is no vitality main meal, only starters and desserts.

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For starters, wifey went for the chilled blueberry and yoghurt soup, and I got the vegetable samosa. We both always like chilled fruit soups, and this one is as delicious as they come. The vegetable samosas were also really, really good. I wouldn’t have minded one or two more, but I suppose I didn’t need them.

Royal Caribbean Truffle Menu - Chilled Blueberry and Yogurt Soup
Caribe Real Truffle Menu – Chilled Blueberry and Yogurt Soup
Royal Caribbean Truffle Menu - Vegetable Samosa
Caribe Real Truffle Menu – Vegetable Samosa

Then for mains, wifey went with the pappardelle and fresh peas without prosciutto. I got the zucchini piccata. Yeah, it was an Italian kind of dinner, and it was good. Really good. Really, really good.

Royal Caribbean Truffle Menu - Pappardelle and Fresh Peas
Caribe Real Truffle Menu – Pappardelle and Fresh Peas
Royal Caribbean Truffle Menu - Zucchini Piccata
Caribe Real Truffle Menu – Zucchini Piccata

Menu de postres

Of course, not being too full at the end of your main meal is important, you don’t want to miss out on dessert!

Royal Caribbean Truffle Dessert Menu
Caribe Real Truffle Dessert Menu

Dessert is always a tough choice, so, we got three dishes between us. Wifey ordered the warm chocolate bread pudding which had her name all over it. Meanwhile, I knew I would like the coconut parfait, but the passion fruit meringue tart sounded pretty appealing, so I got it too. And yes, we shared them all.

I’m not normally a big one for bread puddings, but I have to admit, I really enjoyed this one. The warm, gooey chocolate made this dish exceptional.

Royal Caribbean Truffle Menu - Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding
Caribe Real Truffle Menu – Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding

Then there is the passion fruit meringue tart. I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed with this one. Mostly with the pastry to be honest. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t amazing either. The filling was yum, though I personally would have liked it to be a little tarter. That said, this is on the vitality menu, so it should be a bit lighter, and I’d say it does fit that description.

Royal Caribbean Truffle Menu - Passionfruit Meringue Tart
Caribe Real Truffle Menu – Passionfruit Meringue Tart

Then, of course, the coconut parfait. This was my backup in case I didn’t like the tart. It didn’t disappoint. I love parfaits, and this one was balanced really nicely.

Royal Caribbean Truffle Menu - Coconut Parfait
Caribe Real Truffle Menu – Coconut Parfait

¿Cual es tu favorito?

¿Has probado alguno de los platos de este menú en el comedor principal? ¿Cuál fue tu favorito? Sé que mi elección de los postres fue el pudín de mango! Déjame saber el tuyo en los comentarios a continuación.

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