Itinerario de viaje de 14 días de Darwin a Perth

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Entonces, volamos a Darwin, alquilamos una autocaravana y viajamos por carretera a Perth siguiendo lo más cerca posible de la costa dentro de las limitaciones de la camioneta que requerían que solo usáramos carreteras selladas con algunas pequeñas excepciones. Hay muchas carreteras sin sellar en el Territorio del Norte y el Oeste Australia, so there are a lot of places we had to miss, but at the same time, 2 weeks or 14 days is not a huge amount of time to do the road trip in either. We didn’t really have the time to have done any more than we did. Our original itinerary actually did have more in it but we had to revise some parts of it due to time constraints and availability of the Horizontal Falls Tours as well as doing extra things we saw along the way. In fact, if you do your research, a lot of people would recommend taking a lot more time to do this trip than we did. However, if you really want to do it, are used to driving long distances, and are willing to pack as much in as possible, then it is possible to see and do an awful lot. In short, there is a LOT to do, so consider this just a portion of what you could do and see if you really want to push it and pack everything in you can.

One thing to note, the approximate driving times here are just driving and are not including stops or detours to places along the way. Those add more time, sometimes lots of it!

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Watch it instead: You can watch the itinerary on my Youtube channel or below!

Without further ado, here is our itinerary, including the places we stayed and activities we did:

Road Trip Day 1: Darwin to Katherine

311km’s, approx 4hrs + stops.

The lower waterfall at Edith Falls in the Northern Territory, Australia
  • Pick up camper van from Mighty Campers Darwin – Left at 10:45 am
  • Got groceries at Palmerston shops
  • Adelaide River
    • Distance: 94km’s from Palmerston, about 1hr, 15 mins.
    • Monumento a la Guerra
  • Pine Creek
    • Distance: 113km’s from Adelaide River, about 1hr, 15 mins.
    • Railway Museum
    • Enterprise Pit Lookout
  • Edith Falls
    • Distance: 68km’s from Pine Creek, about 50 mins.
    • Swim in the lower pool for about 30 mins.
  • Katherine Hot Springs
    • Distance: 50 mins from Edith Falls.
    • Right in town in Katherine.
    • We only had time to have a quick look as it was starting to get dark already by the time we got there.
  • Stay: Big 4 Katherine Holiday Park
    • Powered Site
    • $42/night

Road Trip Day 2: Katherine to Kununnura

515km’s, approx 7hrs + stops.

Matt on the dawn cruise at Nitmiluk near Alice Springs.
  • Nitmiluk
    • Distance: 28km’s from Katherine, about 30 min.
    • Katherine Gorge Dawn cruise – 7 am
    • $90 p.p.
    • Allow 2.5 hours plus driving time to and from the gorge.
  • Cross WA Border.
    • Distance: 472km’s from Katherine, approx 6hrs 40 mins.
    • Set the clock back 2 hours.
    • There are restrictions on fresh produce and honey being taken across the border into WA. You are required to stop and the checkpoint and your vehicle will be inspected. Check the Quarantine Domestic site here for info the restrictions.
  • Lake Argyle
    • Distance: 42km’s from WA/NT border, approx 50 mins.
    • Fuel is available here but it is expensive, best to make sure you have enough to get to Kununnura.
  • Parque Nacional Mirima & Rock Formations
    • Distance: 69km’s from Lake Argyle, approx 1hr 10 mins. Or 2km’s from Kununnura town centre.
    • $12 park entry fee.
    • Permit machine takes coins and cards only – no cards worked when we were there so make sure to have coins in case.
    • Sunset: 5:19 pm (on the way we were there).
  • Stay: Hidden Valley Tourist Park
    • Powered Site
    • $38/night

Road Trip Day 3: Kununurra to Fitzroy Crossing

648km’s, approx 7hrs + stops.

The Bungle Bungles From The Sky
  • Warmun
  • Halls Creek
    • Muro de China
      • About 7 minutes out of Halls Creek to the turnoff.
      • Free access. Sealed road to the turnoff, then a short dirt road on private land.
      • Must open and shut the gate on your way in and out.
      • Can also see examples of Zebra Rocks around the parking spot.
  • Stay: Fitzroy River Lodge Campground.
    • Powered site
    • $40/night
    • No bookings, first come, first served.

Road Trip Day 4: Fitzroy Crossing to Broome via Derby

480km’s, approx 5 hrs 30 mins + stops.

The Boab Prison Tree just outside Derby in Western Australia.
  • derby
    • Distance: 257km from Fitzroy Crossing, approx 3 hrs.
    • Derby Boab Prison Tree
      • Just before Derby on the way into town.
      • Not visible from the road, but signposted.
      • Free Access.
    • Myalls Bore and Cattle Trough
      • Just before Derby on the way into town in the same location as the Boab Prison Tree.
      • Visible from the road.
      • Free Access.
    • Piscina de Frosty
      • Just before Derby on the way into town in the same location as the Boab Prison Tree.
      • Visible from the road.
      • Free Access.
    • Derby Visitor Info Centre
      • Has some interesting info on the history of Derby and the wharf. Worth checking out.
    • Derby Jetty and Wharf
      • All the way through town, just follow the main road.
      • There is a cafe/restaurant here.
      • Free access, though access may be restricted at times.
  • Broome
    • Distance: 220km’s from Derby, approx 2hrs, 30 mins.
    • Broome Visitor Info Centre
      • Worth checking out, especially if you haven’t decided what you want to do as there is so much in and around Broome.
  • Stay: Roebuck Bay Caravan Park.
    • Powered Waterfront Site
    • $49/night
    • $5 key bond (paid the first night of stay only)
    • The only caravan park in Broome that is right on the water.

Road Trip Day 5: Broome – All Day

Matt with Dinosaur Footprints at Gantheaume Point, Broome in Western Australia.
  • Gantheaume Point to see dinosaur tracks
    • Only accessible at very low tide.
    • Low tide was 7:30 am on the day we went.
    • Access via Gantheume Point Road which turns into a dirt road.
    • Involves rock climbing so must be physically able to climb large rocks that can be very slippery.
    • Take extreme care.
  • Broome port
    • Continue around the dirt road from Gantheaume Point (it becomes Kavite Road) to join the sealed Port Road and access the port.
    • Not much to see besides the jetty and how high it is.
  • Streeters Jetty
    • In town
    • Access via Dampier St near the Short St intersection.
    • A short easy walk to the end of the jetty.
    • Not much to see, but it does add some perspective to the history of the town.
  • Cygnet Bay Pearls Showroom
    • Shop 2 21 Dampier Tce, Chinatown
    • Quite interesting with a lot of information on how pearl farming works and the history of pearling in Broome.
    • A video is running on a loop as well with even more pearling history and pearl farming information.
    • Free access.
  • Pearl Luggers at Willie Creek Pearls
    • 31 Dampier Tce, Chinatown
    • Restored pearl lugging boats.
    • A lot of interesting history.
    • A hard hat diving helmet is set up for photo opportunities
    • Free access.
    • A paid museum tour is also available at set times.
  • Sun Imágenes
    • 27 Carnarvon St
    • Cine 100 años al aire libre.
    • El cine al aire libre en funcionamiento continuo más antiguo del mundo.
    • Acceso libre durante el día.
    • Mucha historia por dentro.
    • Las películas se emiten a diario.
  • Monumento a la guerra de Broome
    • Ubicado en Bedford Park.
    • Quite a beautiful memorial remembering the lives lost in World War 1, World War 2 and the Vietnam War.
  • Cementerios japoneses y chinos
    • Acceso desde Port Rd, cerca de la intersección de Taiji Rd.
    • En recuerdo de los japoneses y chinos que vinieron a Broome y contribuyeron a convertirla en la ciudad que es ahora. Muchos perdieron la vida buceando perlas.
  • Museo de la Sociedad Histórica
    • 67 Robinson St, Broome.
    • Entrada $6 para adultos.
    • Parecía que podría ser interesante desde la perspectiva histórica, pero no tuvimos tiempo para justificar el pago de la tarifa de entrada y sentimos que probablemente ya habíamos obtenido suficiente historia de otros lugares.
    • Hay una cápsula del tiempo ubicada aquí.
  • Ese Mango Place
    • 120 Kanagae Drive, Broome.
    • Aproximadamente a 15 minutos de Broome, aproximadamente a la mitad del camino hacia Roebuck Plains Roadhouse.
    • Entrada libre.
    • Pague cualquier alimento o producto que compre en la tienda y la cafetería.
    • ¡Increíble helado de mango y tarta de queso!
  • Santuario de Buda de Cuerpo Azul
    • Abierto de 7 a 10 a. M. Y de 4 a 7 p. M.
    • Un lugar tranquilo y pacífico.
    • Tiene una estatua de Buda de 3 m.
    • Los jardines en sí son pequeños pero están bien cuidados.
    • Entrada libre.
  • Playa de cable
    • Increíbles vistas del atardecer.
    • El aparcamiento se llena al atardecer.
    • Restaurants with sunset views are on the foreshore or bring your own picnic dinner.
  • Stay: Roebuck Bay Caravan Park
    • Sitio frente al mar con motor.
    • $49 / noche.

Road Trip Day 6: Broome – Horizontal Falls Full-day Tour

Western Australia's stunning Horizontal Falls from the air.
  • Salga temprano y temprano, recogido en el parque de caravanas a las 6 am en el autobús 4WD.
  • Comunidad de Beagle Bay
    • Té de la mañana: galletas, algo de fruta y una bebida caliente.
    • Hay un baño disponible, así que tenga cuidado, puede haber cola.
    • Visite la Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón (también conocida como Iglesia de Conchas de Perlas), bastante impresionante con la concha de perlas que se usa en todo el interior.
  • Cabo Leveque
    • Desayuno gourmet en Kooljaman Cafe: ¡increíble!
    • Recorrido en autobús 4x4 por el cabo.
    • Pon tus pies en el océano donde la arena blanca se encuentra con la roca roja y la tierra.
  • Un punto de brazo
    • Conduce por la comunidad.
    • Recorra el criadero de acuicultura One Arm Point.
  • Vuelo en hidroavión a Talbot Bay
    • Despegue de tierra.
    • Vuela sobre las numerosas islas del archipiélago de Buccaneer.
    • Asientos 14 personas.
    • El vuelo dura unos 20 minutos.
    • Aterriza en el agua en Talbot Bay.
    • Es un poco estrecho pero una experiencia genial.
  • Bahía Talbot
    • Espectáculo de alimentación de tiburones y peces
    • Nadar con los tiburones
    • Almuerzo de barbacoa con algunas de las mejores barramundi que jamás haya comido.
    • Paseo en lancha rápida a través de las cataratas horizontales: dura aproximadamente media hora. Fuimos hacia atrás y hacia adelante a través de las cataratas unas 6 veces.
    • Navegue por Cyclone Creek durante unos 30 minutos y descubra cómo el motel flotante sobrevive a la temporada de ciclones. Con suerte, verá algunos cocodrilos de agua salada, aunque nosotros no lo hicimos.
    • Visite las Cataratas Horizontales nuevamente para ver cuánto cambiaron en tan poco tiempo y vuelva a pasar por las cataratas superiores.
  • Hidroavión de regreso a Broome
    • Despegue del agua en Talbot Bay.
    • Duración: 45 minutos
    • Aterriza en el aeropuerto de Broome.
  • Se proporciona un autobús desde el aeropuerto y nos dejó en el parque de caravanas a las 5:30 pm.
  • Vaya a los mercados nocturnos de Broome para cenar.
  • Stay: Roebuck Bay Caravan Park
    • Sitio frente al mar con motor.
    • $49 / noche.

Viaje por carretera, día 7: Broome a Point Samson vía Port Hedland

834 km, aproximadamente 8 horas 30 minutos + paradas.

The Sandfire Roadhouse signs in Western Australia
  • Sandfire Roadhouse
    • Distancia: 322 km de Broome, aproximadamente 3 horas, 20 minutos.
  • Pardoo Roadhouse
    • Distancia: 139 km de Sandfire, aproximadamente 1 hora, 35 minutos.
    • ¡Tienen increíbles rollos de salchicha!
  • Port Hedland
    • Distancia: 152 km de Pardoo, aproximadamente 1 hora, 40 minutos de Pardoo.
    • Eche un vistazo a las viejas locomotoras mineras de camino a la ciudad, cerca de la estación de servicio Shell.
    • Vale la pena consultar el centro de información para visitantes para conocer el historial de minería.
    • Visite South Hedland para ver la diferencia entre la antigua ciudad minera y la nueva ciudad minera.
  • Pub Whim Creek
    • Distancia: 118 km desde Port Hedland, aproximadamente 1 hora, 20 minutos.
    • Un monumento a los caídos y un pub único.
  • Point Samson
    • Distancia: 104 km desde Whim Creek, aproximadamente 1 hora, 10 minutos.
  • Stay: The Cove Holiday Village
    • Powered Site
    • $40/night

Road Trip Day 8: Point Samson to Exmouth via Karratha and Dampier

633 km, aproximadamente 6 horas 30 minutos + paradas.

West Australian Wildflowers at Point Samson
  • Point Samson
    • Observe el amanecer sobre el océano frente al parque de caravanas.
    • Ver Honeymoon Cove Beach.
  • Wickham
    • Distancia: 9 km desde Point Samson, unos 10 minutos.
    • Un pequeño pueblo minero que da servicio a Port Walcott.
    • Boat Beach: fuera de la ciudad hacia el puerto, aparentemente las tortugas anidan cerca.
    • Puede ver el puerto en funcionamiento algunos días.
  • cosaco
    • Distancia: 9 km de Wickham, aproximadamente 10 minutos.
    • Una ciudad histórica, ya nadie vive aquí.
    • Siga el sendero de la historia para aprender sobre los edificios históricos.
    • Vaya a Reader Head para tener un buen punto de vista para contemplar el océano, el río Nullagine y las ciudades de la zona.
  • Roebourne
    • Distancia: 14 km de cosaco, aproximadamente 14 minutos.
    • Roebourne Lookout ofrece una gran vista de la ciudad y hacia Point Samson. También hay información realmente interesante aquí sobre la historia de la ciudad y sobre las tribus aborígenes de las que el área es el hogar tradicional.
    • Centro de información para visitantes de Roebourne
  • Karratha
    • Distancia: 40 km de Roebourne, aproximadamente 30 minutos.
    • Muchas de las atracciones turísticas aquí implican caminatas en parques nacionales que no tuvimos tiempo de hacer.
  • Más húmedo
    • Se accede a través de Karratha.
    • Ver la instalación de Dampier Salt
    • Vea la estatua e información de Red Dog.
    • Ve a la Explanada para ver las islas frente a la costa.
  • Exmouth
    • Distancia: 555 km de Dampier, aproximadamente 5 horas, 50 minutos.
  • Stay: Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday Resort
    • Sitio potenciado.
    • $49 / noche.
    • Cargo por llegada tardía $5.
    • Se requiere efectivo correcto si llega tarde.

Road Trip Day 9: Exmouth – All Day

Matt snorkelling at Ningaloo National Park
  • Snorkel en el Parque Nacional Ningaloo
    • Lakeside
      • Lakeside es un lugar para practicar snorkel cerca de la entrada del Parque Nacional Ningaloo, cerca del centro de información.
      • Es uno de los primeros desvíos a los que llega.
    • Bahía Turquesa
      • Excelente ubicación para bucear con esnórquel con mucho que ver.
    • Sandy Bay
      • Mucho kitesurf aquí.
      • Un lugar fácil para bucear, pero no hay mucho que ver.
  • Yardie Creek
    • Distancia: 89 km de Exmouth, aproximadamente 1 hora, 30 minutos si conduce sin parar.
    • Hasta donde pueda llegar por una carretera sellada en el Parque Nacional Ningaloo. Se requiere un 4WD para llegar más lejos.
  • Stay: Parque de vacaciones RAC Exmouth Cape (Big4)
    • Sitio sin energía.
    • $35 / noche.

Road Trip Day 10: Exmouth to Carnarvon via Coral Bay

363 km, aproximadamente 4 horas + paradas.

A clam found while snorkelling at Coral Bay in Western Australia.
  • Faro de Vlaming Head y radar de la Segunda Guerra Mundial
    • De camino al Parque Nacional Ningaloo.
    • Grandes vistas e historia.
  • Jurabi Turtle Center
    • También de camino al Parque Nacional Ningaloo.
    • No hay tortugas cuando estuvimos allí, pero mucha información interesante.
  • Matriz de comunicaciones navales de Exmouth
    • No hay nada que hacer en realidad, pero es interesante verlo.
    • Hay un pequeño monumento submarino con información sobre la matriz y su función.
  • Exmouth/Learmonth War Memorial
    • Between Exmouth and Learmonth.
    • A lot of information about the roles Exmouth and Learmonth played in World War 2.
  • Coral Bay
    • Distance: 151km’s from Exmouth, approx 1hr, 40mins + stops.
    • Stunning, super easy snorkelling.
    • Well worth it.
  • Stay: Wintersun Caravan Park Carnarvon (Top Tourist Park) – Also have chalets etc aquí.
    • Sitio potenciado.
    • $42/night.

Road Trip Day 11: Carnarvon to Monkey Mia

349km’s, approx 3hrs 40 mins + stops.

The Quobba Blowholes north of Carnarvon, Western Australia.
  • Quobba Blow Holes
    • Distance: 74km’s, approx 1hr north of Carnarvon.
  • Carnarvon Fresh Produce Trail
    • Farm trail outside of town.
    • Lots of fresh produce available.
  • Una milla de embarcadero
    • On Babbage Island, Carnarvon.
    • Ride to the end of the jetty on the little train.
    • $10pp to ride the train to the end of the jetty.
  • Shearers Museum
    • Located at One Mile Jetty.
  • Space and Technology Museum
    • $10pp
    • Just outside of Carnarvon.
  • Stay: Dolphin Resort Caravan Park - Also have lots of non-camping options aquí.
    • Sitio sin energía.
    • $36/night.
    • $10 National Park entry fee.

Road Trip Day 12: Monkey Mia to Kalbarri

401km’s, approx 4 hrs 20 mins + stops.

Matt with a Dolphin at Monkey Mia, Western Australia
  • Monkey Mia Marine Reserve
    • Dolphin Feeding from 7:30 am to 11 am.
    • We left at 9:30 am, dolphins come as they please. We had to wait until 8:30 am before they arrived.
  • Denham
    • Visitor info centre.
  • Eagle Bluff
    • On the road out from Denham.
    • A rough dirt road, but not long and well worth the stunning views.
  • Playa de conchas
    • On the road out from Denham.
    • The beach is made up entirely of shells.
  • Stromatolites at Hamelin pool
    • On the road out from Denham.
    • A dirt path for access off a dirt road, but once you get there it’s a nice boardwalk.
  • Stay: Parque de caravanas del río Murchison Kalbarri
    • Sitio sin energía.
    • $36/night.

Road Trip Day 13: Kalbarri to Dongara/Port Denison via Hutt River Province & Geraldton

221km’s, approx 3hrs + stops.

The pink coloured Lake Gregory in Western Australia
  • Kalbarri
    • Chinaman’s beach
    • Blue Boles
    • Red Bluff
    • Pot Alley
    • Garganta del águila
    • Roca de la isla
    • Puente natural
  • Port Gregory
    • Pink lake
  • Northampton
  • Hutt River Province
    • A bit out of the way to access via sealed roads, but it is possible.
    • $4pp entry visa issuance fee.
  • Geraldton
    • HMAS Sydney II Memorial
    • Faro de Point Moore
  • Cape Burney
  • Stay: Dongara Denison Big 4 Holiday Park
    • Sitio potenciado.
    • $37/night.

Road Trip Day 14: Dongara/Port Denison to Perth Airport

367km’s, approx 4hrs.

Matt at the Pinnacles - Cervantes, Western Australia
  • Green Head
  • Dynamite Bay
  • Jurien Bay
    • Jurien Bay Jetty
    • Jurien Bay Marine Park man-made snorkel trail at Dobbyn Park – we checked it out but had no time for snorkelling.
  • Cervantes
    • Thirsty Point Lookout
    • Lake Thetis stromatolites and thrombolites
  • The Pinnacles
    • $12 national park entry per vehicle.
  • Perth
    • Return campervan to Mighty Campers depot in Perth by 4 pm.
    • Pick up a coche de alquiler from Perth Airport.
    • Cottesloe Beach for sunset.
    • Meeka Turkish Restaurant for dinner.
    • Kings Park War Memorial at night.
    • Perth Airport and flight back to Sydney at midnight.

Now one thing to note is that this is 14 days assuming you are already in Darwin and that you are ending in Perth. For us we flew into Darwin overnight, arriving early in the morning of Day 1, then we flew out of Perth at midnight on Day 14. The late-night flights can knock you around a bit though so for some people it could be worth giving yourself some more time for flights and getting ones during the day.

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14-Day Darwin to Perth Roadtrip Itinerary

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12 comentarios en “14-Day Darwin to Perth Roadtrip Itinerary”

    • Hey Vic,

      There are lots of places we would spend more time in. The first two would be at the start and finish, Darwin and Perth. We haven’t actually spent much time in Darwin but there is a lot to do there. There is also stacks to do in and around Perth, we’ve been there a few times prior to and since this trip. You could easily spend 4 or 5 days around Perth.

      It would also be good to spend an extra day each in Katherine and Kununnurra.

      There is more to see around Broome, so it would have been good to spend another day or two there.

      I would definitely spend some more time around Exmouth and Ningaloo National Park, particularly if you are into snorkelling, we had to miss some of the snorkelling spots because they were closed on the day we were there, but we didn’t have the time anyway, even if they weren’t closed. There is a reasonable amount of other sights here as well besides the reefs and snorkelling.

      Also if you are into snorkelling, you could easily spend a whole day snorkelling at Coral Bay, it’s beautiful and so calm there, and there is a caravan park opposite the beach so it’s easy to access. If you aren’t into snorkelling though, there isn’t much else to see here.

      Monkey Mia and the road from the highway out to Denham is easy to do, and you can see everything in the time frame we did it in, but if you have the time, it would be quite nice to spend an extra day here.

      The route we took from Kalbarri to Dongara Port Dennison would be good to split over a couple of days rather than one. There is a lot to see, and we definitely had to push to squeeze it in. There were a few things we had to skip as well because we spent too long at other places.

      And lastly, the stretch from Dongara Port Dennison to Perth could also be split over two days, particularly if you are into snorkelling. That way you would have time to check out the Jurien Bay snorkel trail. There really isn’t enough time to do that while covering the necessary distance in one day.

      I hope that helps, let me know if there is anything else you would like to know about the trip!

  1. Hi Matt, great video! Could you give me an estimation of fuel costs for this journey? I’ve heard fuel on the west coast can be expensive. Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Annie, I’m glad it helped you out. Fuel on the west coast isn’t too bad, but it does depend on where you are, closer to Perth tends to get cheaper. Overall though it is much better than central Australia, but it does depend on what you are driving, where exactly you are going and how you are driving. Fuel itself tends to be around 10-20c/L more expensive than in Sydney for diesel and around 30c/L more expensive for regular unleaded petrol. I have written a blog about saving money on fuel while road-tripping around Australia here if it is helpful:
      A few tidbits though, if you can get a diesel vehicle it will be much cheaper, especially if you are travelling in a campervan. Diesel prices tend to be lower in the more remote areas. Our campervan was petrol unfortunately and guzzled fuel. We only got 400-500km’s on a tank, even driving as efficiently as we could. A diesel van should get better fuel efficiency as well as being cheaper fuel to purchase in most remote areas.

  2. What a fabulous post, Matt. I must admit I haven’t thought of roadtripping from Darwin to Perth before but you’ve sold me on it – so many great things to see and do! We all love a good road trip but have been doing them mostly internationally until now. I think that will change now and so having an inspiration for an Aussie trip like this is fabulous. Many thanks!

    • Thanks Katerina! It is an amazing trip. Places like the Horizontal Falls and Purnululu National Park are (in my opinion) some of Australia’s must-see natural wonders, akin to Milford, Doubtful and Dusky Sounds in New Zealand’s Fiordland. The trip is also such a great overview of North-West Australia. It’s my number one favourite road trip in Australia, even above Uluru/Kata Tjuta through the centre and way ahead of the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide to Melbourne. I hope you are able to find the opportunity to do it and enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

  3. What a trip! This is making me miss Australia so much. I went to both Darwin and Perth but didn’t have time to road trip unfortunately. Will definitely be looking at this for some inspiration though! A great post with some good tips!

    Anneka @ New Shades of Hippy

    • Thanks Anneka, I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Australia and found my blog inspirational. Darwin and Perth are both beautiful cities, but the remote northwestern communities and natural beauty along the roads between the two are definitely worth exploring if you get the opportunity to come back to Australia!


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