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Caves Beach Lake Macquarie

Caves Beach I Australia

Hi, I'm Matt.

I’m a mode agnostic traveller and this is my travel blog where I write about travelling in and from Australia on a budget.

Since 2012, together with my wife, I’ve made more than 21 different trips to 11 countries across so many more modes of transport than I ever expected to experience. From ships to planes to helicopters and hovercrafts, it’s been a series of amazing trips as we’ve explored further afield and gradually gotten further around the world. Some of our trips are short, weekend getaways and others are sojourns of a month or more (like the time we spent 32 days on the North Island of New Zealand).

"I love to travel slowly and really get to know a place, seeing the things that often get passed over on the main tourist routes."



Cruising is about more than just the destination, it’s also about how you get there. There is no other way to travel where you dine in a restaurant for dinner, go to bed in a fancy hotel, and wake up somewhere new!


ALaskan Inside Passage I USA

Golden Princess Cruising in Milford Sound

MilforD Sound I New Zealand

Destination: French Polynesia

Jewel of the
South Seas

Lose yourself in the vibrant, inviting waters of islands like Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahiti, the jewels of the South Seas.



Darwin to Perth I Australia

Hokkaido I Japan

Japan might not be the first country you think of for a road trip, but the island of Hokkaido should definitely be on your list with remarkable landscapes, friendly locals, stunning lakes, Ainu heritage, and open air onsens that can’t be missed!

Calgary to Jasper I CANADA

Destination: AUSTRALIA

Great Southern

Embark on a journey to the driest, flattest, smallest continent on earth. Fly between cities or head off on a road trip and get face to face with native wildlife you won’t find anywhere else on earth!

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