Eilean Donan Castle I by Kyle of Lochalsh I Scotland

Destination: Scotland

Land of Lochs and Legends

If I trace my family tree, it’s only two generations back that I find my clan name, clan Hunter of Hunterston. Through this line I trace my lineage back hundreds of years to clan Stewart royalty (illegitimately, of course). It’s fascinating to explore the clan system and my history, and visiting this far away country within the United Kingdom has long been a dream of mine. We finally made it, and fell in love with this ruggedly beautiful country of my ancestors, this land of lochs and legends.

Scotland Travel Guide

Fàilte gu Alba. Welcome to Scotland. In Scottish Gaelic, Scotland is known as Alba, and Alba was once Caledonia. Just like it’s name, Scotland has a history shrouded in mystery with hints everywhere of long-gone civilisations and the people that built Scotland from the dawn of the world, like the neolithic settlement, Skara Brae.

Scotland has been romanticised through poetry and song for centuries. Spending time there, it’s easy to understand why!

Whether you follow in the footsteps of dynasties and walk the Royal Mile, take a peek into an ancient religion at the Calanais Standing Stones, discover spectacular road trips with mysterious destinations like Clava Cairns, explore the strongholds of Scottish monarchs and lairds, or hike breathtaking landscapes like Quirang, there is something for everyone.

The question is, what will you do first?

Scottish Highlights

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City Stays

Experience Scottish cities with our self-guided city stay itineraries.


4 Days

Walking the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town is like taking a step into history that spans thousands of year. Meandering from the dominating castle to the majestic palace and off myriad streets and alleyways, its easy to lose yourself in the magic of a city where Scottish history comes to life.

  • Day 1: The Palace of Holyrood House & Arthurs Seat

  • Day 2: Edinburgh Castle & The Royal Mile

  • Day 3: The Royal Yacht Britannia, National Museum of Scotland, Candlemaker Row & Grassmarket

  • Day 4: Princes St Gardens, Edinburgh New Town & Dean Village


Island Escapes

Explore Scotlands unique island worlds in our short island escape itineraries.



Scotland Grand Tour

Edinburgh Return


The Scottish Highlands and Islands are home to rugged mountains, glassy lochs and jaw-dropping scenery on iconic routes like the North Coast 500, but there is much more to Scotland. A Scottish road trip is the perfect way to experience the magic and myth of Scotland.

By Loch Achtriochtan I On The Road to Glencoe, Highlands I Scotland


Historic Experiences

Castle Hopping Through Scotland

Sunset at Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Stirling Castle

No matter where you go in Scotland, a castle isn’t far away. These war-torn lands have seen the test of time, and you can easily spend an entire trip to Scotland hopping from one castle to the next, from political strongholds like Stirling and Edinburgh to iron age brochs and everything in between.

Scotlands castles feature increasingly in movies and TV shows. Their history is not much different to their big screen depictions with tales of political intrigue, death, mystery, war, and romance etched into every room and cobblestone.

Blackness Castle in Scotland
Blackness Castle
Doune Castle in Scotland
Doune Castle
Castle Sinclair Gornigoe in Scotland
Castle Sinclair Girnigoe
Urquhart Castle in Scotland
Urquhart Castle
Dunnotar Castle in Scotland
Dunnotar Castle

Standing Secrets and Megalithic Tombs

Scotland, where the history goes back long before time began. Before Scotland was Scotland. The land where fairies once roamed and reminders of unknown religions dot the landscape.

Standing stones like Calanais and the Ring of Brodgar are mind-boggling and my imagination runs wild picturing what kind of significance these sites had in times long gone.

Buried towns of stone like Skara Brae and megalithic tombs like Clava Cairns and Maeshowe leave behind more clues to the secrets of these ancient civilisations and their beliefs.

What will you discover in this neolithic world?



Hiking The Isle of Skye

Old Man of Storr

1.5 hours +

Neist Point

1 hour +


2.5 hours +


Back to Nature

Scotland rains, a lot, but with all that rain (and snow) comes roaring waterfalls in enchanting settings that feel like perhaps the fairies are still hiding, somewhere.

Kilt Rock & Mealt Falls I Highlands
Rogie Falls I Highlands
Black Water Falls I Highlands
Bracklinn Falls I Loch Lomond, The Trossachs, Stirling & Forth Valley
Steall Falls I Highlands


Back to Nature

Exploring Scotland, it’s impossible to miss the natural beauty that the fascinating tapestry of history has been woven around. The landscape is dotted with lochs and lochans that take your breath away and have themselves become a part of the mythology of Scotland.

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