Peyto Lake I Banff National Park, Alberta I Canada

Destination: Canada

The Great White North

For many of us Australians, Canada is a fascinating place. The Canadian British colonial history and modern Commonwealth appear to share striking similarities. Yet at the same time, Canada could not be more different from Australia with near opposite climates that result in a contrast between the driest, flattest continent in the world (Australia) and a country that contains more fresh-water lakes and waterways than any other country in the world that sustains forests covering more than 40% of the massive Canadian land area. Then, of course, there is the language difference and the fact that Canada is covered in snow every year, with parts of it covered year-round earning it the nickname: The Great White North. Couldn’t be more different from Australia, could it?

Canada Travel Guide

Bienvenue au Canada!

From soaring mountains to rolling prairies, Canada is a diverse country where both English and French are the official languages.

Take in the sights with a road-trip and experience the abundance of wildlife in a country of immense natural beauty.

Whether you hike, drive, paddle, cruise or explore another way, Canada’s remarkable blend of intense beauty, multiculturalism spread across a vast landscape make it a country that would take a lifetime to truly ‘see it all’.

So, where do you start?

British Columbia








Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world, much of it, shrouded in icy mystery and inaccessible to cruise ships. However, the BC capital of Victoria often features in sought after Alaskan Inside Passage cruise itineraries, showcasing a remarkably British city in a surprisingly warm part of Canada.

Alaskan Inside Passage

Jewel of the Seas I Royal Caribbean

7 Nights

  • Departure Port: Seattle, Washington, USA

  • Scenic Cruising: Inside Passage, Alaska, USA

  • Port of Call: Juneau, Alaska, USA

  • Port of Call: Skagway, Alaska, USA

  • Scenic Cruising: Tracey Arm Fjord & Sawyer Glacier, Alaska, USA

  • Port of Call: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

  • Arrival Port: Seattle, Washington, USA



Canadian Rockies

Calgary to Jasper Return

7 Days

The snow-capped Canadian Rockies on the west coast of Canada separate British Columbia from the rest of the country and are home to the Icefields Parkway, perhaps the most iconic road-trip in Canada.

The Icefields Parkway meanders through Banff and Jasper National Parks past the Columbia Icefield and jaw-dropping Athabasca Glacier. And yes, you can take a tour out onto the glacier aboard one of the massive Ice Explorer buses.

Visit in Spring to bear witness to the remarkable changes as the many lakes begin to thaw and snow melt feeds roaring waterfalls through rugged gorges.

Icefields Parkway I Banff National Park, AlbertA

Where the Wild Things Are: Wildlife Watching In The Canadian Rocky Mountains


Wildlife Encounters

The abundance of forests in Canada means there is plenty of wildlife that you’re likely to spot year round, especially on a visit to a national or provincial park.

If you can time your visit to be during the Canadian Spring you’re likely to be rewarded with caribou, deer, elk, and even bears out foraging with their cubs.

If you’re lucky, you might spot the more elusive grizzly bear or a moose. I’m sure we saw a big grizzly disappear into the forest beside the road…

Back to Nature

It’s hard to visit Canada and not see at least some postcard perfect lakes like the brilliant blue Peyto Lake, iconic Morraine Lake, or vibrant Emerald Lake. Imagine mixing more than 2 million lakes with soaring mountain peaks, and stunning wilderness regions. This is Canada; a hikers paradise, with vistas that are the envy of the world.



Natural thrills are the way to take in all that Canada has to offer, whether it’s the thrill of an up-close encounter with elusive wildlife, or sky-high views from mountain-tops via gondolas and skytrams.

Sulphur Mountain

by Banff Gondola

View of Sulphur Mountain by Banff Gondola

The Whistlers

by Jasper Skytram

View of the Whistlers by Jasper Skytram
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