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I can trace my heritage on Dad’s side back to Clan Hunter of Ayrshire, Scotland, and I always find it quite interesting to see what’s going on over there at the moment, particularly as Hunterston Estate is still owned by Clan Hunter, including Hunterston Castle. Unfortunately part of Hunterston was resumed in order to build a nuclear power station which I think is pretty sad and should never have been required, but I guess there is not a lot that can be done now.

Anyway, this past week I’ve been looking things up again as I haven’t really looked in a while. I was particularly interested in when the next clan gathering is. Previously they have been once a year, I’ve never been able to get to one (being in Scotland and all), but I think it would be pretty cool! Anyway, in my searching it seems the official Hunter website is just parked with advertising on it, though the whois records indicate it has been consistently registered, but it appears to be now registered to some other company. So that’s not much help. For reference though, I’ve pulled a number of websites with info on Clan Hunter:

Official sites

Non-official sites

Related websites

These websites are related to Clan Hunter.

  • Blairquhan Castle – Now offering accommodation, Blairquhan Castle was built for Sir David Hunter Blair in 1823 to my understanding.
  • Glenapp Castle – Built in 1870 for James Hunter. No longer owned by a member of the Hunter clan. Also offering accommodation now.
  • – Mentioned in the comments (thanks Peter!), it’s a network of websites that are dedicated to providing information about the Hunterston region in West Central Scotland.
  • Hunter Family Orchard

Old sites that don’t appear to be working anymore

I won’t link to these ones as they are just parked domains, and really it’s hard enough to find information on the Hunter Clan without sharing links to sites that aren’t helpful. If I notice them back up I’ll move them up to the other links and make them active.

If you know of any other sites relating to the Hunter Clan of Ayrshire, I’d love to know about them, if you could share them in the comments that would be great!

Edit 31/03/2010

Just added a number of extra links and Way Back Machine references, thanks to Peter Hunter from Scotland In Oils for them!

3 thoughts on “Ancestry Links – Clan Hunter”

  1. No worries at all Peter!

    Thanks for that link, it is greatly appreciated! I’m thinking of putting together a website for Clan Hunter in Australia, I haven’t been able to find out if there is already anything going on here, so the more sites that I can reference, the better!

    Thanks again mate,



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