The Official Clan Hunter Website and Other Hunter Links

The new, official Clan Hunter website is now live at courtesy of all the hard work Peter from Scotland in Oils has put in to get it done. Also up is which is currently an information archive and picture storage.

I’ve also got a few more Hunter Clan links, all of which are also courtesy¬† of Peter:

  1. The home page of David H. Hunter –
  2. Clan Hunter New Zealand
  3. Clan Hunter on RootsWeb –

Clan Hunter Chief at the 2009 Clan Gathering

Check it out, Peter Hunter from Scotland in Oils sent me a link the other day to an article from the Clan Gathering last year, including a video interview with Madame Pauline Hunter of Hunterston, the current chief of Clan Hunter.

You can check the article and video at Scotland TV. I was hoping to embed it here, but looks like I can’t unfortunately so you’ll have to check it out on their site.

Also of interest, Peter pointed me to this Google Map which is where Hunterston Castle is hiding, and also this Wikimapia map.

Clan Hunter is also on Rootsweb.

Ancestry, Photography, Property, Tech and Misc

I’ve got a lot of tabs open, and they’ve been open for most of the week for some reason or other. With Firefox crashing at least 4 times a day at the moment, it probably doesn’t hurt to get these listed down and saved. I hope you find something useful amongst them! It’s funny how everything seems to fit pretty neatly into 4 categories, plus a misc category.

Clan Hunter

I’ve been looking up info relating to Clan Hunter this week, I’m not sure why really but I have. There was a fair bit to share though so I’ve put it in another blog post.


  1. Kent Marcus – An excellent photographer in Sydney with some stunning shots, came across him via the Drift 4 Christ website. There are some stunning shots on his website, I suspect some may use some heavy Photoshop or Lightroom work to finish them off, but either way, stunning shots!
  2. Dreamcoat Photography – A new photography business started by a good mate of mine, Tim Miller and his wife. I’ve been watching Tim’s photography over the past year or so progress, and he’s producing some great work! The site is currently under development, but he’s worth checking out, I believe the focus is going to be on family portraits.


  1. Global Property Deals – Assist buyers in locating and purchasing property in a number of different countries. Dunno what they are like.
  2. RELO Home Search – Allows property searching worldwide and provides a number of resources for those looking at purchasing property. Apparently uses only a network of trusted real estate agents. Dunno what they are really like either though.
  3. Lochaber Highland Estates Р Offer land from the Lochaber Estate in varying sizes from as little as 1 square foot up to 1000 square feet in order to make it extremely difficult for this beautiful part of Scotland to be developed and hence spoilt. A pretty cool idea really. Scottish land owners are also legally entitled to be called Laird, Lord or Lady, pretty cool too. Not entirely sure how legit it is, a friend of mine has purchased land through them and it all seems to have worked out fine.

Tech Related

  1. Microsoft Student Partners – Microsoft are currently looking for applications for student partners at universities both in Australia and worldwide. In Australia it looks like the only real requirement is that you get to know a lecturer or tutor who is willing to be your mentor as part of the program. From what I hear, there are heaps of freebies and rumour has it that student partner’s are considered for internships with Microsoft before other applicants, who knows though.
  2. PC Tools Secure Password Generator – I use this tool quite a bit to generate nice, secure passwords. It lets you specify any number of characters from 4-64 with mixed case letters, numbers, punctuation and can prevent any passwords from having similar characters. You can also disable or enable each of these things to get different sorts of passwords. You can also generate up to 50 passwords at once, for those times you need a lot of passwords.
  3. CMS Match – A new website built on Drupal that provides a vast amount of data on just about every content management system you can find. It also has a very quick and easy to use comparison tool. Registered users are also able to update the data on each CMS, so it is very much community driven. A very good example of the power of Drupal!
  4. ThemeStock – A relatively new source of premium themes for CMS based websites including: CRE Loaded, DotNetNuke, Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, osCMax, osCommerce, PHPBB, PHPNuke, PostNuke, vBulletin, WordPress, Xoops and ZenCart. They offer both subscription based memberships and limited edition purchases. They currently have a relatively small set of themes, particularly for Drupal but they are definitely growing. Part of the BigResources network.
  5. BoxedArt – Part of the BigResources network as well, they offer a number of templates as well as a number of other useful bits and pieces, including website templates, print media templates, branding templates, Twitter backgrounds, Ebay templates, icons, illustrations, PowerPoint templates, stock photos, Word templates, website buttons, backgrounds and more. They also offer subscription based memberships along with limited edition purchases.


  1. Drift 4 Christ – A team of Seventh Day Adventists from Port Macquarie sharing God by doing what they love, drift racing.
  2. How to Date an Entrepreneur – I came across this via Mike Boyd’s site, and it’s so true, as an entrepreneur I do all of the things it describes, it must really suck to date me and it will probably never change! On the other hand, it’s an amusing read and well worth it!
  3. Information for jurors – I’ve been trying to find information on jury duty, specifically being unable to appear if summoned. The Queensland Courts website is absolutely useless for this, but hey, maybe you’ll find something useful on it! The closest I’ve found is about applying for excusal prior to a summons, nothing about if you aren’t actually around to receive the summons or to appear at the court if you are summoned. Might have to give them a call to clarify.

Ancestry Links – Clan Hunter

I can trace my heritage on Dad’s side back to Clan Hunter of Ayrshire, Scotland, and I always find it quite interesting to see what’s going on over there at the moment, particularly as Hunterston Estate is still owned by Clan Hunter, including Hunterston Castle. Unfortunately part of Hunterston was resumed in order to build a nuclear power station which I think is pretty sad and should never have been required, but I guess there is not a lot that can be done now.

Anyway, this past week I’ve been looking things up again as I haven’t really looked in a while. I was particularly interested in when the next clan gathering is. Previously they have been once a year, I’ve never been able to get to one (being in Scotland and all), but I think it would be pretty cool! Anyway, in my searching it seems the official Hunter website is just parked with advertising on it, though the whois records indicate it has been consistently registered, but it appears to be now registered to some other company. So that’s not much help. For reference though, I’ve pulled a number of websites with info on Clan Hunter:

Official sites

Non-official sites

Related websites

These websites are related to Clan Hunter.

  • Blairquhan Castle – Now offering accommodation, Blairquhan Castle was built for Sir David Hunter Blair in 1823 to my understanding.
  • Glenapp Castle – Built in 1870 for James Hunter. No longer owned by a member of the Hunter clan. Also offering accommodation now.
  • – Mentioned in the comments (thanks Peter!), it’s a network of websites that are dedicated to providing information about the Hunterston region in West Central Scotland.
  • Hunter Family Orchard

Old sites that don’t appear to be working anymore

I won’t link to these ones as they are just parked domains, and really it’s hard enough to find information on the Hunter Clan without sharing links to sites that aren’t helpful. If I notice them back up I’ll move them up to the other links and make them active.

If you know of any other sites relating to the Hunter Clan of Ayrshire, I’d love to know about them, if you could share them in the comments that would be great!

Edit 31/03/2010

Just added a number of extra links and Way Back Machine references, thanks to Peter Hunter from Scotland In Oils for them!