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Investing your small change with Raiz

Comprehensive Raiz Review – Micro-Investing App

What is Raiz? With bank interest rates so low, is there another option that can make your money work harder for you? What is micro-investing? Is it worth doing? Is Raiz good? I’ve talked briefly about Raiz a number of times in the past, but I have never done a proper Raiz review and really … Read more

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Voyager of the Seas docked at Circular Quay Sydney

How much money should you budget for each day on a cruise

So, you’ve booked yourself a cruise on a big, beautiful cruise ship. Hopefully, you got yourself an awesome deal (if you haven’t booked one yet, read this blog post for the places I check for cruise deals) and you’ve budgeted out paying off the cost of the cruise, but, how much should you allocate for

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What the F is an ETF?!?!

I’ve blogged about Raiz (previously Acorns Australia) a few times now, and in some of those blogs, I make mention of ETF’s. Now, if I’m completely honest, I had to go and look it up myself to find out what ETF stands for and what an ETF actually is. It’s something that gets thrown around

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