Should Christians be Vegan?

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I had just got back from Soul Burger in Randwick when I thought I would write this. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten food from them, and I consider myself really lucky to be staying within walking distance of their store.

Soul Burger Menu
Soul Burger Menu

Soul Burger does 100% vegan food in your typical diner style burgers with classics in there like the cheeseburger, southern-fried chicken and pulled pork. All vegan using plant-based ingredients.

I got the El Capitan Burger from Soul Burger
I got the El Capitan Burger from Soul Burger

My wife and I are Christian’s, and we are on a two-month vegan diet trial at the moment, not for religious reasons but both for health reasons and exploring the concept of living a more meaningful life through what we eat. The question though, is as Christians, should we be vegan? I’ve heard a lot of arguments for and against it.

As a Christian though, to me, it really doesn’t matter. Nowhere in the Bible does it teach that you must eat vegan to be saved. It doesn’t even say you must eat vegetarian. In Mark 12 verses 29 to 31 Jesus sums up the most important concepts of the Bible. Love God and love your neighbour. In other words, love everyone. It doesn’t matter what they do or don’t eat.

If you go to the origins of meat eating according to the Bible, Genesis 1 verse 28 gives humanity dominion over the animal kingdom, but then in verses 29 and 30 it makes it clear that God created plants for us and animals to eat. It doesn’t say the animals were for us to eat.

Of course, then sin entered the world. Up until the flood though there isn’t an indication that animals are eaten, though it’s entirely possible since Abel was a shepherd. Post-flood in Genesis 9:3 God gives Noah and his family permission to begin eating animals, presumably the clean ones since there were extras of them on the ark.

So we were originally created to eat of the plant. There is an awful lot more I could go into on this, but at the end of the day, to me, it just isn’t an issue. Everyone is convicted differently though, and as I said, this isn’t a salvation issue, so if you feel convicted to be vegan, be vegan, if you don’t, don’t. Just don’t let dietary choices prevent you from loving God and loving everyone around you.

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