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How To Setup Arq 5 Backup on a Mac with Amazon Drive

Arq Backup provides a simple backup solution for your Mac that can run in the background, constantly keeping your important files backed up to your choice of cloud storage platform. It encrypts your files locally and regularly backs up your changes when you are connected to the internet. Since it is merely a tool that

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D-Link DUB-1312 USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter on Mac OS X

If you are like me, and find it frustrating that you can only connect two Thunderbolt devices (unless they are daisy-chained) to your Macbook Pro, even on a 15″ one, you have two external screens, but you want gigabit ethernet, so you either have to sacrifice a Thunderbolt port and second display, or fork out

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Python Tutorial 1 – Getting Python

Python object-oriented programming language at uni in ITB001: Problem Solving and Programming, I figure what better way to solidify what I am learning than to write about it. Someone might find it useful as well. So if you see anything that is wrong, or anything like that, feel free to point it out, I won’t

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