Can I plug my Phone into the TV on Radiance of the Seas and watch Netflix?

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My wife and I typically download a heap of movies and TV shows that we are currently watching on Netflix or Amazon Prime onto an iPad. This way, we can watch them whenever we feel like it without needing to purchase an internet package onboard a cruise.

Of course, if you don’t pre-download anything, the Voom internet onboard Radiance of the Seas and across the Royal Caribbean fleet is fast enough to stream low-resolution content with the basic “Surf” package, however, if you want higher definition and want to avoid potential buffering, the “Surf+Stream” package will get you better performance.

Regardless of whether you are streaming or not, it is so much more convenient to plug into the stateroom TV and watch on the bigger screen than on a phone or tablet.

So, the question is, can you actually plug an iPad, smartphone or other tablets into the TV in your stateroom on Radiance of the Seas and play your own content?

The short answer is no.

Why Not?

While the TV’s in staterooms on Radiance of the Seas do have multiple HDMI inputs, a PC input and the remotes do have a source select button, that button doesn’t function. Similarly, the channels available are all locked down, so the HDMI inputs are not in the selection of source channels meaning there is no way to select the external input.

Inputs on the Radiance of the Seas TV
Inputs on the Radiance of the Seas TV

If you would like to watch your own content on the stateroom television I would suggest an alternate cruise line. Royal Caribbean locks the stateroom TV’s down, but not all others do. For example, we had no problems playing our iPad content on the giant televisions aboard Golden Princess.

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