Review: Pind Indian Restaurant Delivery – West Pennant Hills, NSW

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After being very impressed with the delivery time and the fantastic flavour of the butter chicken we ordered from Pind Indian Restaurant the first time we got dinner delivered from there, we decided to go back. We were originally going to go back on Monday, but it turned out they are closed on Monday’s so we went somewhere else instead and left going here again until later.

This time we got the mild butter chicken again and decided to give the mild chicken tikka masala a try along with a side of onion pakoras.

So let’s start with the sides.

Onion Pakora

According to Menulog, the Onion Pakora’s are meant to be in 4 pieces. The description is:

Onion fritters coated in our savoury chickpea bread, fried until golden brown.

That definitely is not what they looked like. I didn’t mind them, though they did pretty much look and feel like soggy onion rings. They tasted alright. But, we were expecting them to resemble something more like the hundreds of pictures in a Google Image Search. Instead, they looked like this:

Pind Indian Restaurant Onion Pakora

They did come with a sauce which was nice, I’m not sure exactly what it was. Possibly a cucumber yoghurt or something like that.

The Curry

Just like last time, the butter chicken was fantastic. It is still by far the best butter chicken I have had anywhere in Australia. It is the bottom curry in the photo.

Pind Indian Restaurant Chicken Tikka Masala (Top) and Butter Chicken (Bottom)
Pind Indian Restaurant Chicken Tikka Masala (Top) and Butter Chicken (Bottom)

The chicken tikka masala was also quite good, though it was perhaps a bit on the hot side for a mild curry. I know I ended up eating most of it as it was still too hot for my wife to really enjoy. The flavours in it though were full, and it was overall an enjoyable meal. Just be aware that if you don’t like hot food, even the mild is going to probably be a bit hot. It is the top curry in the photo.

Delivery Time

We had quite quick delivery last time, this time it did take over an hour, though. This is something that is fairly common in the reviews on Menulog. It isn’t a big deal if you order expecting it to take a while, just don’t order and expect to have it in half an hour.


The price is reasonably comparable to what can be expected at any Indian Restaurant. Some things are a bit more expensive, some a bit less. Overall it’s average, and I can’t really complain about it.


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