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Royal Caribbean’s main dining room menu rotates nightly through an assortment of themes that are shared across their ships, usually coordinated with the ports they are sailing to and the tastes of the main demographics on board the ships. That said, I’ve seen many of the same menus across multiple ships in different ports so don’t expect to always have the same menu in the same place or on the same ship. Today’s menu though was sampled aboard Radiance of the Seas.

The Mojo Menu

Mojo is a sauce found in the Caribbean, originating in the Canary Islands, that is typically based on olive oil, garlic, paprika and cumin. So of course, you can expect to see a mojo themed dish on the menu below, the mojo-marinated grilled pork chop.

Main Menu

Royal Caribbean's Mojo Main Menu
Royal Caribbean’s Mojo Main Menu

We actually thought this menu was a bit boring, especially if you don’t eat pork like us. So, for starters, my wife and I both settled on the vitality dish, the strawberry, kiwi and pineapple medley. It’s very light and refreshing. There’s nothing special about it, but there’s nothing wrong with it either.

Royal Caribbean Mojo Menu - Strawberry, Kiwi and Pineapple Medley
Royal Caribbean Mojo Menu – Strawberry, Kiwi and Pineapple Medley

Then for mains, we both settled on the same dish as well, the horseradish-crusted fillet of Atlantic Salmon, which is also part of the vitality menu. It was really good. I personally enjoyed the celeriac-potato mash the best, but it was a great combination overall that isn’t too filling.

Royal Caribbean Mojo Menu - Horseradish-Crusted Atlantic Salmon
Royal Caribbean Mojo Menu – Horseradish-Crusted Atlantic Salmon

Dessert Menu

Of course, not being too full at the end of your main meal is important, because next up is dessert!

Royal Caribbean Mojo Dessert Menu
Royal Caribbean Mojo Dessert Menu

Let’s be honest, dessert can easily warrant two or three dishes each 🙂

So, we got three dishes between us. I ordered the sugar-free strawberry charlotte, wifey picked the carrot cake and then we got the low-fat mango pudding to share, though really, we shared them all.

Being sugar-free, the strawberry charlotte is not sweet at all, and it makes sense to be on the vitality menu as it is also a very light dessert. The strawberry flavour comes through well, but a little bit of crunch wouldn’t go astray.

Royal Caribbean Mojo Menu - Sugar-Free Strawberry Charlotte
Royal Caribbean Mojo Menu – Sugar-Free Strawberry Charlotte

Then there is the carrot cake. Personally, I’m not a big carrot cake person, but wifey loves them. This one I can see is a good one. It’s sweet, and the textures are well balanced with a little bit of crunch on top. The cinnamon is perhaps mildly too strong for wifeys liking, but I thought it was a good balance.

Royal Caribbean Mojo Menu - Carrot Cake
Royal Caribbean Mojo Menu – Carrot Cake

Last but not least, the “shared” low-fat mango pudding. Once you’ve cruised a couple of times or tried an assortment of Royal Caribbean’s desserts, you’ll get used to seeing sweets served up in this shape. It doesn’t really look at all like you might expect from the menu description, but it tastes great. It has more flavour than the sugar-free dessert, and placing the coulis inside the pudding rather than on the plate helps combine the flavours. Of course, as you might have guessed, it’s not really a pudding at all. It’s actually more of a mango mousse with little tiny bits of mango in it.

Royal Caribbean Mojo Menu - Low-Fat Mango Pudding
Royal Caribbean Mojo Menu – Low-Fat Mango Pudding

What’s your favourite?

Have you had any of the dishes from this menu in the main dining room? What was your favourite? I know my pick of the desserts was the mango pudding! Let me know yours in the comments below.

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